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iVend 6.6 is our greatest release ever – designed for fast PERFORMANCE, ultimate RELIABILITY and complete STABILITY

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Introducing the All-in-One POS

We’re calling iVend 6.6 our greatest release ever – we put 40,000 hours into reviewing the solution, identifying possible problems and ultimately redesigned our platform architecture and implemented new technology to boost our replication engine by over 200%.

Benefit from an enhanced Replication Engine and web-based replication monitor to ensure that only relevant inventory updates are sent to your stores. Synchronise data 200% faster with greater reliability. Pull reports and access data insights faster than ever. Import data 300% faster as compared to previous versions. Secure your network by eliminating requirements to expose the Enterprise SQL Server on any public IP.

Introducing the All-in-One POS

Access the data you need more quickly with the following average improvement as tested over 6 months on a 60GB customer database.

Inventory Reports



Profit Reports



Sales Reports



Tender Reports



Upgrading to iVend 6.6

Customers wanting to upgrade to iVend 6.6 can leverage the dedicated services of the iVend 6.6 Upgrade Team comprising of senior consultants from Global Support, QA & Testing and iVend Product Development divisions to manage the 5-Step Upgrade Process on a chargeable basis.

5-Step iVend 6.6 Upgrade Process
  1. 1 – Application Landscape Analysis & Upgrade Readiness
    The iVend Retail Upgrade Team will assess the effort and tentative timeline for the upgrade based on details of the application landscape, including current iVend Retail version, database size, available free disk space, number of stores, number of POS, Add-ons and custom reports.
  2. 2 – Upgrade of iVend Enterprise
    The cornerstone of iVend Retail 6.6 is its NEW Replication Engine and web-based replication monitor which enables improved inventory management by ensuring that only the relevant inventory updates are sent to stores. Despite being developed ground up on latest technology stack, its configuration remains nearly the same as it was in the earlier versions.The upgrade process starts at the iVend HO by running the installer and pointing the installer to the existing iVend database and involves upgrading the application by changing the underlying schema of the application and then copying the updated application files to their respective folders.iVend Retail is intuitive enough to take into consideration different iVend versions running at any time during the upgrade process. This means that even if the HO is upgraded to 6.6 and the stores are yet to be upgraded, the replication entries will not be lost and will get automatically synchronised to the HO whenever the replication is setup between the HO and the upgraded store(s).

  1. 3 – Upgrade of iVend Stores
    Next comes the reconfiguration of the NEW Replication Engine at all stores. This process involves executing the iVend Retail 6.6 installer to upgrade the store database. In addition to upgrading the store database, the installer also updates the application files in the relevant folders. Once the store is upgraded, the replication service needs to be connected to the HO. Please note that store operations will be down while the store is being upgraded
  2. 4 – Upgrade of iVend Management Console & iVend POS
    This is an extremely simple process which involves executing iVend Retail 6.6 installers at every store and POS terminal.
  3. 5 – Hyper Care Support Period
    To eliminate anxiety associated with upgrading an Enterprise Class application that affects the entire business operations, CitiXsys and its partner community is committed to extend priority support to its customers who are upgrading to iVend Retail 6.6The Hyper Care Support Period will span one week after all the stores are upgraded and will involve resolution of issues and challenges on a priority basis. A daily call with the customer will also be scheduled to monitor day to day operational challenges.

Upgrade to iVend 6.6

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