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Support365 for iVend Retail is a professional services support plan that leverage the technical expertise of the iVend Retail team to ensure smooth operations for your business. 

Support365 for iVend Retail

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Support Levels

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Our first level of support includes basic help desk resolution for customer related issues, such as solving known issues or issues that do not require significant technical skill or interference. If Level 1 technicians are unable to resolve the issue, it is escalated to a Level 2 support request. 


Our second-level support provides more in depth technical support with a system expert to ensure that errors are resolved quickly and down times of your business-critical systems remain as low as possible. This may include technical and functional guidance and/or installation, issues with integration of data at the database level, reinstallation of Software, installation of patches, service releases, minor and major releases as provided by CitiXsys. 

Our third-level support is utilized when an issue cannot be resolved within the first two levels of service. The third-level support covers product related issues at the program level that requires expert product and development skills to resolve. This is the highest level of skill required and involves CitiXsys solution architects to assess correction of Product Defect(s) in the Software, intervention at the code level and resolution through an update/upgrade/ hot fix. The highly-skilled engineers and developers who work in this area have in-depth knowledge of the iVend Retail solution portfolio, operating systems, databases and third-party solutions used. 


"Meeting the needs of customers today depends on the Omnichannel business model, and iVend Retail provides the tools to help us achieve our goals and has already given us a big competitive advantage."

"iVend Retail has helped us improve our customer experience specially for our loyal customers. The intuitive and interactive interface of iVend Retail has reduced transaction time and eased the overall checkout process."

El Duende, Latin America

Crown Wine and Spirits, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Comprehensive Support Across Your Retail Ecosystem

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 Support365 Plans & Benefits

Leverage the full spectrum of escalated service with Support365 to fill in your resource gaps and operate your business with complete peace of mind.

Support Service

Software Assurance

Support365 Standard

Support365 Premium

Upgrade Entitlement



Release Notes

Access to Knowledge Portal

Searchable Knowledgebase

Community Self-Help Discussion Forum

Web-Based Issue Tracking

Partners Only

Resolution to Level 1, 2, 3 Support


Monthly Support SLA Dashboard


Configuration Queries on Production System - 1 Hr. Call




Maintainance Plan Implementation - DB optimization


Maintenance of High Availability Environment (System Monitoring)


Post Facto Report Only

POS Crash / Server Crash Recovery


Paid Seperately


Customer Account Manager (CAM)



Review Call




Support Hours


24 X 7 X 365

24 X 7 X 365

Priority Response / SLA


Response Time

Response Time

Severity 1 – Critical / Emergency


60 Mins

30 Mins

Severity 2 – Serious


120 Mins

30 Mins

Severity 3 – Moderate


4 hours

2 hours

Severity 4 – Low


4 hours

2 hours

Monthly Price (Per No. Store + No. POS)
*Billed Annually


$30 USD

$50 USD

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