Open Platform Software: The Secret To Retail’s Future Success

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What began as just a tool for processing transactions, point of sale systems have now evolved into an omnichannel commerce engine responsible for driving the enterprise. This means you need a POS system that shares data with all business systems and provides a real-time view of the enterprise.

Not every POS system has this capability, but a POS system with an open platform makes it possible for all of your store systems to integrate and paves the way for operational efficiencies, future growth, and seamless experiences across channels that delight shoppers and drives more sales.

Give Your Retail Operations an Marketplace Advantage with Open Platform Software

This eBook outlines the competitive advantages you’ll gain from having an open source POS like:


Giving customers the ability to make cross-channel purchases


Enabling location-based solutions for digital offers


Activating enterprise management


Ability to personalize customer experiences

Download Open Platform Software: The Secret to Retail’s Future Success to understand how an open source point of sale system can benefit your retail operations.

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