The pace of change in retail has never been greater, with customer behaviour evolving on a seemingly constant basis. As a result, retailers are always searching for what comes next, to gain an edge in this fiercely competitive market.

This puts great pressure on technology vendors to keep pushing boundaries; as the providers of solutions, we must always be one step ahead, ready to help retail businesses meet consumer demands.

iVend Retail prides itself on being at the forefront of retail’s future, which is why it gives me great pleasure to announce that we have been nominated for best in-store innovation in this year’s Retail System Awards.

The nomination is for our work with legendary Abbey Road studios where, with our partners TRC Solutions, we built a state of the art omnichannel POS system.

By adapting to changing shopper behaviour through the use of an integrated omnichannel retail solution, Abbey Road is ensuring that the future of such an iconic brand will be as bright as their legacy.

The first stage of a multi-part update plan, Abbey Road also plans to use a mobile POS to allow staff to take payments from a tablet device away from fixed till points, anywhere in the store.

But that’s not all; we also pride ourselves on been a champion of emerging trends, and I’m also pleased to announce that we have recently been nominated for a Drum Content Award and an International Content Marketing Association Award for our recent report, The Omni-Illusion.

By examining consumer attitudes to omnichannel retail, specifically the disconnect between shoppers’ experiences online and in the store, our Omni-Illusion campaign is enabling retailers to identify where improvements are needed in their connected retail experience, and to invest in the right technology to bridge any gaps that exist currently.

Together, these three award nominations underline the fact that iVend Retail is a true innovator and thought leader when it comes to the future direction of the retail industry.

Not only that, but our progressive vision is underpinned with market-leading omnichannel technology that empowers retailers to make significant, customer-centric change.

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