Get Ready To Thrive This Holiday Season

November marks the start of a busy time for retailers. Not only do we head into the peak shopping season, in the wake of lockdowns, many of us found ourselves turning to eCommerce for our everyday necessities.

While the world around us has changed significantly in the first three quarters of 2020, however, one thing that has remained certain is that the holiday season is the most important earnings period for retail success.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic causing many retailers to reduce their physical footprints with store closures or customer limits, new methods of delivering products into the hands of your customers are well within reach.

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Digital Fulfillment Will Lead The Shopping Season

While the movement toward eCommerce and the “Digital Store Platform” has long been underway with a 14.9% growth in eCommerce since 2019, the global pandemic has accelerated several of the trends already pushing towards a digital future.

And, this holiday season and beyond will largely be digitally led. Retailers will turn to eCommerce and other digitally enabled shopping experiences for fulfilment and customer engagement in an era where safety is keeping many away from in person shopping.

Fortunately, online/offline hybrids, such as BOPIS and BOPAC which are achievable with truly integrated systems may just hold the ticket to inspiring holiday cheer with gifts soundly delivered.

source: https://www.digitalcommerce360.com/article/us-ecommerce-sales/


Win this Holiday Season with an Integrated Omnichannel Platform

To address the concerns retailers will face this holiday season, we’ve developed the following eBook in conjunction with iVend Retail Channel Partner C & K Systems to help guide you successfully through the high season and to navigate software designed for building sustainable operations with scalable, flexible technology.

Download our latest eBook, How Retailers Can Prepare For Holiday 2020 and Beyond, to learn how the retail landscape has evolved and how you can best plan for the upcoming holiday shopping season and beyond.

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