Shannon Airport Authority has modernised the world’s oldest duty free with cutting-edge technology and innovation from IT services provider, TRC Solutions and integrated retail system provider, iVend Retail (part of Citixsys worldwide).

TRC Solutions and iVend Retail worked with Shannon Airport Authority to revolutionise the airport’s internal retailing systems. The system implemented provides Shannon Airport Authority with a single retail platform, one overall vision and a seamless customer experience.

TRC Solutions implemented the iVend Omnichannel Retail Platform solution for Shannon Airport Authority, across the duty free retail stores incorporating bonded and non-bonded warehouses. The systems put in place incorporate iVend Terminal POS, Contactless Chip and Pin Technology, iVend ecommerce, iVend Loyalty, iVend Passes and iVend Analytics.  It also included Duty Free specific interfaces to the Lockheed Martin Chroma Airport Operating System and the US Customs and Border Protection.

Founder and CEO of TRC Solutions, Gavin Peacock, says: “Before, Shannon Airport Authority lacked one single database for the growing number of applications essential to retailers and, instead, relied on connecting numerous disparate systems, which naturally resulted in increased complexity and cost. The business wanted to re-establish itself as a more effective, exciting and profitable retail outlet, so together with their vision and our innovation; we developed the right solution for them. The new solutions we put in place give Shannon Airport Authority a very clear understanding of its retail business, leaving it perfectly placed for future growth.”

“Today’s consumers expect a seamless experience, as they increasingly shop both across channels and across devices – and this is no different when it comes to duty free purchases,” Richard Kolodynski, Senior Vice President European Operations at iVend Retail, added. “Airports retailers still need to offer customer experiences that are compelling, personalised and aspirational in order to remain competitive and we’re delighted to have been able to work with TRC Solutions to implement an integrated system for Shannon Airport which delivers just this.”

Andrew Murphy, Commercial Director of Shannon Airport Authority, said, “We were delighted to partner with TRC Solutions. They identified key issues facing Shannon Airport Authority and offered us real solutions that benefit our business every day. We are the world’s oldest duty free, so we’re particularly proud that such state-of-the-art technology and innovation will drive our business forward for many more years to come.”

TRC Solutions will support the systems from its Dublin headquarters, providing software solutions support and hardware maintenance on all retail technology implemented. As the iVend Retail Platform continues to evolve, TRC Solutions will advise Shannon Airport Authority on key areas for continued growth.

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