With consumer demand for instant gratification, including 24/7 service, product and pricing information at the ready, same or next day delivery, and access to the latest trends, the speed of retail must constantly be accelerated.

iVend 6.6 is the latest release designed for fast performance, ultimate reliability and complete stability. iVend Retail empowers retailers to reinvent themselves, boost their relevance and achieve speed with software designed to acquire, serve, and retain customers and most importantly, drive performance in a hyper-competitive climate.

  • iVend Retail 6.6

Fast Retail Drives Results

iVend 6.6 is our fastest release yet. What could your business achieve with better data insights at your fingertips?

The iVend Retail 6.6 release will debut our fastest data replication engine ever, allowing all roles across the retail organisation to do more!

We’re calling this our greatest release ever – designed for faster PERFORMANCE, ultimate RELIABILITY and complete STABILITY.

iVend Retail 6.6 represents a huge investment in Research and Development to take advantage of cutting-edge technology. We brought together the best in the field and deliberated over 40,000 application testing hours.  The results are a redesign of our replication engine and platform architecture, designed with 64-bit architecture, socket application program interfaces, multithreading and GUID based system keys.

We also included new capabilities for every role across the retail organization including implementors, system administrators, marketing teams and store managers.

Performance – 400% Faster
(Based on Transactions Completed On 1000 POS)

  • Synchronise data 200% faster with greater reliability
  • Import data 300% faster as compared to previous versions
  • Process transactions 150% faster on any 64-bit machine
  • Pull reports and access data insights faster than ever

    • 45% faster Inventory Reports
    • 138% faster Profit Reports
    • 400% faster Sales Reports
    • 50% faster Tender Reports

Reliability – Reliable & Fast Data Replication
(A Radically New Replication Engine)

  • *New* Replication Dashboard enables a centralised view of all stores across the enterprise

    • Access all replication data via any Internet browser
    • View store connectivity and manage replication status – pause it, etc.
    • Monitor records pending at store, or enterprise in real-time
  • Enhanced search feature queries the replication status of a particular record

    • Easily track replication status across all stores from the enterprise
    • Search and find any transaction ever, from any store or POS
  • Highly Secure

    • Data replication engine uses data encryption and compression reducing the cost of Internet bandwidth and enhancing system security
    • Secure your network by eliminating requirements to expose the Enterprise SQL Server on any public IP

Stability – 51,798 Test Cases Executed
(With Manual and Automated Testing Over 40,000 Hours)

  • Continuous POS Operation for 6+ months without a single crash
  • Prevent data collisions with GUID for unique record identification
  • Application log tracks behind the scenes activity to troubleshoot system errors
  • 64-bit replication engine ensures maximum utilisation of hardware
  • Admin view into database size of each client to proactively plan data maintenance activities

Future Proof Your Business

Future-proof your business by utilising Cloud technology.
Contact us to discuss moving your retail stores on Cloud today to build resilient retail operations for tomorrow.

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