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With thousands of customers in over 45 Countries, success of IVend Retail is largely contributed by our Global Partner Network and our pursuit in providing customers with solutions that exceed their expectations.

CitiXsys is a channel driven organization taking its products & solutions to its customers through an effective and efficient network of partners. Hundreds of businesses across the world have created successful practices around iVend Retail Management Suite.

CitiXsys has the strategic mix of world-class products and a well-established network of partners. ‘By leveraging Country specific or Regional iVend resources and expertise of the central team, our Global Research and Development Center, our philosophy is centered on partner enablement, profitability and customer satisfaction’.

CitiXsys has its corporate headquarters in New York City, USA, an R&D center in New Delhi, India and offices in Chicago, Toronto, Mexico, Panama, Dublin, London, Nairobi, Dubai, Singapore, Sydney, and Melbourne. These offices support our Business Partners with technical, commercial and pre and post- sales support.  We also has strategic alliances with leading Vendors as part of the Retail Ecosystem including ERP, Hardware ,EFT and other technologies that enable you to have access  or offer complete solutions to your Retailer customers and prospects.

Jacqui from Cognitive Channels UK

Tan Kok from Selatan Business Systems, Malaysia

Ketut Widarata from Soltius, Indonesia