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Offer Customers Reasons to Select Your Shop

Stand-out service and looking after loyal customers is key for wine and liquor retailers competing with supermarkets and hypermarkets, and iVend Retail’s technology suite delivers this – and more.

Transact, upsell, and liaise with your customers using technology that seamlessly integrates point of sale, inventory management, logistics, click & collect (BOPIS), loyalty, and back office operations.

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Technology to Raise a Glass To


Inventory Transparency

Track stock wherever it is in your business and use analytics software to help your run your company more efficiently. Let technology cater for day-to-day operations, so you can focus on service and experience.


Integrated & Intuitive

Let your POS and ERP – be it SAP, Sage, Microsoft Dynamics, or an alternative – talk to each other and work in harmony in the cloud or on premise, while avoiding operational silos.


Diverse & Durable

As a wine and liquor retailer you have diverse and unique demands which require systems that seamlessly integrate business processes – from the POS to planners at head office – and that reduce overall cost of operations.

Wine and Liquor Retail Store Specific POS Features

We work with wine and liquor retailers and have helped companies in this sector from around the globe drive business success with our modular approach to technology.

Seasonal sales

Reward Loyal Customers

Why would shoppers come to you and not the local grocery store, where they can get everything under one roof? It’s because you reward loyalty and offer exertise, which can be supported by iVend Retail’s array of integrated solutions.

Pricing and Inventory Management

Competitive pricing and and specialised merchandise represent core challenges for wine and liquor retailers, so use iVend Retail’s robust inventory solutions to control and analyse movement and price of goods, and meet local regulations.


Winery Vertical

Support for Seasonal Demand

Drinks sales surge during holiday seasons and around special events, and retailers can utilise iVend Retail’s flexibile technology suite to create attractive assortments and compelling gift packs with ease.

Winery Brochure

Make Great Retail Happen

Discover ways to reinvigorate your retail management strategy to make your wine and liquor retail stores profitable even as the industry changes.


More than a Wine and Liquor Retail POS System

iVend Retail is so much more than just a retail point of sale system. Everything you need to manage and grow your wine and liquor retail business from mobility, digital marketing and loyalty, inventory management to advanced reporting and analytics is right at your fingertips. Spend less time on the day to day and more time growing your wine and liquor retail business.

Suite - Wine and liquor


iVend Retail has helped us improve our customer experience specially for our loyal customers. The intuitive and interactive interface of iVend Retail has reduced transaction time and eased the overall checkout process.

- Fernando Rapa, Crown Wine and Spirits

With growth plans for our airport stores, we believe that expanding our utilisation of mobile technology and leveraging the omnichannel capabilities of the iVend Retail suite will help us to increase store foot traffic and connect with our existing and potential customers while on layovers.

- Philippe Dray, CEO, Duty Free City

Grow your Wine and Liquor Retail Business with iVend Retail

iVend offers Wine and Liquor retailers:

  • Agile infrastructure
  • Global reach with local control
  • Scalable technology
  • Ease of integration
  • Better customer experience
  • Single pool of stock
  • Inventory transparency
  • Business intelligence and analytics







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