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Transact, Engage and Stay Close to Customers

Stand-out customer service and compelling in-store experiences are key features for book retailers competing with the internet for sales, and iVend Retail can help deliver them.

Transact, upsell, and liaise with your customers using technology that seamlessly integrates point of sale, inventory management, logistics, click & collect (BOPIS), loyalty, head office and back office operations.

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Inventory Intelligence

Track stock wherever it is in your enterprise and use analytics software to run your company more efficiently. Use technology to support the personalised in-store service required today.


Integrated & Intuitive

Let your POS and ERP – be it SAP, Sage, Microsoft Dynamics, or ayn alternative – talk to each other and work in harmony in the cloud or on premise, while avoiding operational silos.


Understand & Upsell

Bookstores should always be looking to upsell and grow their average sales ticket, so look to technology that can help recommend additional products and services seamlessly at the POS.

Bookstore specific POS features

We work with bookstores and have helped companies in this sector from around the globe drive business success with our modular approach to technology.


Track Down Titles and Authors

To deliver the customer service bookstore visitors require, you need to be able to quickly look up titles, authors and publishers, and iVend Retail supports seamless search at POS.

Pricing and Inventory Management

With large volumes and multiple titles, inventory management is key to bookstore success. With iVend Retail, you can collate, analyse and ensure you’re quick to match consumer preferences and publishing trends in your stores.



Comprehensive CRM

In the fierce battle for business you need to understand individual customer preferences and purchasing history, so a comprehensive retail management system, like that offered by iVend Retail, is business critical.

Specialty User Guide

Make Great Retail Happen

Discover ways to reinvigorate your retail management strategy to make your bookstores profitable even as the industry changes.


More than a Book Retailer POS System

iVend Retail is so much more than just a retail point of sale system. Everything you need to manage and grow your bookstore retail business from mobility, digital marketing and loyalty, inventory management to advanced reporting and analytics is right at your fingertips. Spend less time on the day to day and more time growing your bookstore retail business.

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Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

qoteWith iVend Retail we improved checkout time and the amount of attention we can give to the customer at the register. Now we have more information about each transaction, promotions are set up quicker, and training and induction of new employees is faster due to iVend’s user friendly interface.

– Marco Montoya, Financial Manager, DCC

Grow your Bookstore Business with iVend Retail

iVend offers Bookstore Retailers:

  • Agile infrastructure
  • Global reach with local control
  • Scalable technology
  • Ease of integration
  • Better customer experience
  • Single pool of stock
  • Inventory transparency
  • Business intelligence and analytics







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