Productivity and profitability are the fundamental keys to success in business, and it’s what keeps us energised and focused.

Does your current software solution allow you to:

Easily manage multiple sales channels?

Easily analyse sales and stock to assist you with your business decision-making?

Give you a single view of your customer and a single view of your inventory across the landscape?

Utilise modern marketing and promotion concepts such as digital passes and allow you to run campaigns that can be sent out to your customers by email?

Does your current system support the new customer model?

Can you integrate all your sales channels – Your eStore with your bricks and mortar store to maximise sales from all channels and streamline operations?

Do you have an integrated customer loyalty program and can you execute targeted bonus buys and promotions?

Can you offer your customers extended services such as Mobile POS, Digital Passes, Inter-store visibility of available stock, online services for customer sales history and loyalty?

Can you determine who your valuable customers are online and in-store and can you determine the real return on your investment per sales channel?

Does your system provide in depth analysis into your business performance?

Are you able to analyse the profit return by Merchandise hierarchy, Loyalty plan, Product, Customer, Promotion, etc.?

Are you able to analyse the performance of a particular salesperson/cashier or view the sales by store, by POS, transaction type or even by the hour?

Do you have built-in dashboards that provide in depth analysis of Top performers, Trends, Promotions, View by Store, Loss Prevention and more?

Are you able to see the true profitability of your stock by viewing detailed analysis of your costs?

Do your current systems simplify the management of operations allowing you to spend more time on strategically building your business?

Are you currently afforded high levels of automation in transaction processing and stock management across multiple sales channels?

Are you afforded a consolidated and detailed view of your multiple income streams from your online business to your bricks and mortar store operations?

Do you currently have a comprehensive and integrated view of your operations provided by an extensive library of built-in reports and dashboards, which allow you to make fast informed business decisions?