iVend Support Activities

Software Assurance provides valuable protection for your software investment, however sometimes you simply need more support.

We’ve introduced Support Packages — so you can directly access iVend specialists to look at your system and help you configure iVend or help resolve third-party integrations.

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Considering today’s changing and challenging environment, we have introduced Support Packages, so you can directly access the expert assistance you need to keep your store systems up and running without interruption.

Support Packages are pre-paid support hours that you may need to get an experienced iVend specialist to look at your system or help you configure iVend or help resolve third-party integrations.

Most importantly, iVend Support Packages are an easy way for your organisation to ensure optimal system performance and deliver on customer experience all while keeping costs under control.

The table below details which activities are covered in Software Assurance and which are available for purchase as Support Packages.

Upon the purchase of a Support Package the number of hours utilised in that package will be deducted from the total amount available. Additional Support Packages can be purchased at any time to top up your available support hours when deemed necessary.

  • Simply buy the relevant Support Package
  • We will deduct the number of hours spent from your total container
  • You can refill a new Support Package anytime to top-up your container

Support Activity

Activities under Software Assurance

Activities under Support Packages

iVend Funtional Configuration

Yes (Queries)

Yes (Execution)

Fixes for Product Issues

New Requirement Identification and Raising to Product Team

DB Optimisation Analysis

L1/L2 Queries

Access to Knowledge Base

iVend Modules Installation

Inventory Correction between ERP and iVend Enterprise due to User Error

Disabling Inter Store Feature from iVend MC @ Head Office

iVend Mixed Mode Store Seperation

ERP–> iVend Intialisation implementation Assistance

ERP–> iVend Re-Intialisation implementation Assistance

iVend Enterprise Database Crash Recovery

iVend Store Database Crash Recovery Assistance

Database Crash Recovery Assistance for iVend Offline POS

iVend MC Report Customisation

iVend POS Receipt Customisation

iVend Database Maintenance including Health Check, DB Shrink Optimisation

iVend Enterprise database Purging

iVend Store Database Purging

iVend API Installation

iVend Standalone Loyalty Installation

iMatrix Installation Assistance

iCharge Installation Assistance

iVend Passs Installation Assistance

iVend POS Customisation

iVend Externsibiltiy

iVend Optical Addon Installation Assistance

iVend Mobile POS Installation Assistance

iVend Handheld Andriod Installation Assistance

iVend Demo System Installation Assistance

ERP Integration Connector Installation Assistance

iVend Patches implementation

iVend Upgrade Activities

Hardware (Printer, Payment Processor, etc.) Installation Assistance

Third Party Integration with iVend API

Magento Implementation Assistance

iVend for Magento Integration Installation Assistance

iVend L1/L2 Level Training

Custom Code Analysis and Consulting (Extensibility)

Custom Implementations, such as customising replication/barcode resolution

Automation (Developing Utilities)

Support Packages

  • $2,052
  • $2,160
  • Support Package
    24 Hours
  • Validity
    1 Month from purchase
  • Purchase Now
  • $3,240
  • $3,600
  • Support Package
    40 Hours
  • Validity
    3 Months from purchase
  • Purchase Now
  • $6,840
  • $7,200
  • Support Package
    80 Hours
  • Validity
    6 Months from purchase
  • Purchase Now
  • $11,520
  • $14,400
  • Support Package
    160 Hours
  • Validity
    1 Year from purchase
  • Purchase Now

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