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Manage your entire supermarket in a single enterprise platform that covers everything from POS, inventory management, customer management, loyalty programs, and more.

The all-in-one POS system for grocery stores.

Point Of Sale

Grocery Brands That Depend On Us for Their Supermarket POS Systems

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We needed a system that was flexible, that would allow us to grow the business as well. With iVend Retail we’ve put in various elements, like a back office system, a hospitality system and reporting & analytics system. The solution has given us some really good dashboards giving real time insight to the retail manager. It has given us the opportunity to use self-checkout to help customers.

Mark Elliot, IT Manager, Pioneer Foods

We implemented iVend Retail alongside SAP Business One to address a total lack of inventory information. As a result, we gained inventory visibility that allows us to educate customers on product quality, view sales every day at each store in real-time.

David Miller, CEO & President Goodwill Industries San Joaquin Valley

Make Shopping Frictionless With Your Grocery Store Point of Sale

Level up your earnings and speed of sale with the premier choice in POS systems for supermarkets.

Why choose iVend for your supermarket POS system:

  • Increase your earnings with recommended purchases at checkout—all visible from the POS interface.
  • Speed up customer checkout with a tailored POS screen to quickly scan and serve the customer.
  • Integrate your POS seamlessly with in-store inventory management, ERP, and office processes.
  • Combine multiple transaction types into a single action, including sales and refunds.
  • Give customers the choice in how they buy, from online grocery ordering and delivery to curbside pickup.

Make your customers’ shopping experience seamless with a tailor-made POS—let your shoppers buy how they want, in-store, online, and curbside.

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Retail Supermarket & Grocery Store Software

Maximize Profitability With the Premier Retail Supermarket Software

Maximize profitability with customer-data-driven promotions and discounts, across multiple touchpoints for a consistent brand experience.

  • Deploy targeted promotions across your enterprise with customer data, including trends across your entire chain.
  • Get in-depth retail insights with a single-view dashboard that makes data easily accessible.
  • Ensure business continuity with a seamless online/offline mode—process transactions, even if you lose your internet connection.
  • Safeguard payment details with a PCI-compliant POS system for grocery stores.
  • Work with your POS software anytime, anywhere, in-store or in the field, and accept deliveries as you work.

Optimize your grocery store POS system with promotions, in-depth analytics and reporting, and inventory management.

iVend’s Story—By the Numbers

Years helping leading grocery stores optimize their POS hardware
Business continuity and data accessibility with our cloud-based POS software for grocery stores
Brands optimize their POS systems with iVend
Certified iVend professionals ready to help troubleshoot your supermarket POS

Get the Most From Your Inventory With Batch Management

Get real-time updates on your stock levels, and pivot into promotions opportunities with pricing updates across your enterprise.

  • Maintain real-time inventory tracking with your grocery store inventory management system integrated with your POS.
  • Get the inventory you need when you centralize purchase orders for all of your stores.
  • Stay ahead of pricing changes and schedule pricing updates to meet customer demand. 
  • Keep a bird’s eye view on expiration dates and get the most out of your inventory with batch control management. 
  • Enable accurate sales of weighted items like produce with your POS scale integration.

Get an up-to-date view of your stock levels with grocery store inventory management that connects with your POS and head and back office operations.

Create a Frictionless Checkout Experience With Your POS Solution

Increase your earnings and optimize sales with loyalty programs and targeted discounts.

Why iVend Retail for Supermarkets

  • Digital Transformation

    The new imperative in the grocery ecosystem is digital transformation. iVend Retail for supermarkets is an enterprise-class retail management system allows grocery retailers to digitally transform their retail ecosystem by extending and improvising their online operations to keep up with the pace of shopper adoption.

  • Managing Customer Loyalty

    The challenge for Supermarket retailers is to keep their customers coming back to boost repeat sales. Knowing who your customers are along with their shopping preferences is no longer optional for grocery retailers. Deliver tailor-made loyalty programmes to individual shoppers by getting insights into their shopping history with a retail solution for supermarkets.

  • Run Promotions that boost Profits

    Discounting is an effective method of increasing sales. Customers are certainly drawn in when prices are reduced or slashed. Manage targeted discounts and promotions in a variety of formats by easily analysing detailed customer trends at individual stores and throughout the retail chain.

  • Frictionless Checkout

    Things that slow down the checkout process, such as long queues and slow payment methods, are the sources of friction in stores. iVend Retail for Supermarkets helps grocery retailers meet the self-checkout desire of their consumers by reducing the checkout time and also providing a safer contactless payment option.

  • Omnichannel Fulfilment

    iVend Retail for Supermarkets provides integrations to online ordering, and payment backed with real-time inventory updates. Supermarket retailers can support all types of buying behaviours from BOPIS (Buy online and pick up in-store), Curbside, to BORIS (Buy online and Return in Store).

  • POS Integrations

    Tailor iVend POS to cater for your unique business requirements with integration to industry-standard weight scales, and the flexibility to tailor the POS screen to quickly scan and serve the customer as quickly as possible. With the added ability to publish current in-store promotions on the customer display, building a consistent brand experience across multiple touchpoints.

Guarantee Business Continuity With Round-the-Clock Support

Make the most of your sales and inventory with reduced POS downtime.

  • 24/7 Support

Reduce disruption of business operations with round-the-clock support, ready to help you problem-solve.

  • End-to-End POS Management

Make grocery shopping enjoyable with retail supermarket software that reaches customers at multiple touchpoints.

  • The Supermarket POS Trusted Across the Globe

Rely on a POS system for supermarkets trusted in over 90 countries.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your typical grocery store POS system is a computer system used by retail stores to manage sales. 

A POS system consists of a computer, touch screen, barcode scanner, cash register, and receipt printer. You can use the system to ring up sales, track inventory, and print receipts.

Supermarket billing software is a type of software that is designed to streamline the process of billing and invoicing for supermarket businesses. 

This type of software can automate many of the tasks involved in running your supermarket, such as keeping track of inventory, processing customer orders, generating invoices, and managing payments.

Supermarket billing software can also provide valuable insights into your business operations, helping you identify areas where you can improve efficiency and productivity.

Other than ensuring a seamless checkout experience, supermarket POS systems can be used to process customer loyalty programs, gift card purchases, process discounts and coupons.

They can also unlock potential upsell opportunities, and reduce missed sales by allowing sales staff to find products in stock at other locations.