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Let Your Expertise Shine Through

Specialty retailers – by your very definition you have to understand your category inside out, and iVend Retail’s sophisticated technology suite allows you to manage operations in this expert way.

Transact, upsell, and liaise with your customers using technology that seamlessly integrates point of sale, inventory management, logistics, click & collect (BOPIS), loyalty, and back office operations.

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Technology that Works


Inventory Transparency

Track stock wherever it is in your business and use analytics software to help your run your company more efficiently. Specialty retailers don’t want unreliable technology to hold them back from offering the compelling customer service and expertise for which they are renowned.


Integrated & Intuitive

Let your POS and ERP – be it SAP, Sage, Microsoft Dynamics, or many others – talk to each other and work in harmony in the cloud or on premise, rather than allowing your multiple systems to become siloed and unsynchronised.


Versatile & Valuable

Use a retail point of sale system that has much more. Everything you need to manage and grow your specialty retail business – from CRM, marketing and loyalty, inventory management and accounting, to HR and advanced reporting and analytics – right at your fingertips.

Specialty Retail Store Specific POS Features

We work with specialty retailers, and have helped these companies from around the globe drive business success with our modular approach to technology.

Specialty Vertical

Engage your Loyal Customers

You’ll already have a dedicated consumer base, but with sophisticated customer data management you can keep them informed about product, offers and special events to help keep them loyal to you.

Show off your Expertise

Whether through a mobile point of service or via analytics that inform your merchandising, iVend Retail allows you to present the right products for customers’ particular needs at the right time. Spend less time on the day-to-day operations and more time on growing your specialty business.


Specialty Vertical

Omnichannel Ready

Successful specialty retail today is conducted across multiple channels, so use iVend Retail’s technology to ensure you are omnichannel ready. One POS solution can be used to manage and grow your specialty retail business.

Specialty User Guide

Make Great Retail Happen

Discover ways to reinvigorate your retail management strategy to make your specialty retail stores profitable even as the industry changes.


More than a Specialty Retail POS System

iVend Retail is so much more than just a retail point of sale system. Everything you need to manage and grow your speciality retail business from mobility, digital marketing and loyalty, inventory management to advanced reporting and analytics is right at your fingertips. Spend less time on the day to day and more time growing your speciality  retail business.

Suite - Specialty


Generally iVend is covering our POS system quite satisfactorily. Laksala expected iVend to support our sales outlets by having a fast & accurate billing system since iVend can have independent databases to each store.
Once iVend was implemented, Laksala’s customer service improved and customers were satisfied with the quick service.

- Allan Delikan, IT Coordinating Manager, Laksala

Showcase was contending with more stores, more sales, and more data all connecting to 15 different separate systems. The move to iVend Retail, fully integrated into SAP Business One, gave us a best-of-breed POS/ERP combination, that made our business integrated, near-time, and nimble.

- Samir Kulkarni, CEO, Showcase

Grow your Specialty Store with iVend Retail

iVend offers specialty retailers:

  • Agile infrastructure
  • Global reach with local control
  • Scalable technology
  • Ease of integration
  • Better customer experience
  • Single pool of stock
  • Inventory transparency
  • Business intelligence and analytics







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