Meet iVend Retail experts at the Sage Partner Summit Asia to learn more about the integrated omnichannel retail management solution designed for seamless integration to any Sage ERP. 

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iVend Retail + Sage Integration

An Omnichannel Retail Management

Comprehensive omnichannel capabilities
Single view of inventory
Integrated digital store platform 
Data analysis across entire enterprise

The Sage & iVend Retail Advantage

If the modern retail world dictates that exciting customer experiences are a prerequisite for retailers to survive and thrive, then iVend Retail’s newfound status as a Rockstar bodes well for our participation in that environment.

Retailers pursuing aggressive e-commerce and omnichannel initiatives need the best performance from both their ERP and point-of-sale (POS) solutions. In many cases, that means their software ecosystem includes solutions from different vendors.

What if your retail clients could flawlessly integrate their POS and ERP systems to share data and discover deep, actionable insights into operations and inventory that they didn’t think were possible without a small army of IT experts? 

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Sage Partner Summit 2019

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Sage Partner Summit Asia
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