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Omnichannel Retail with iVend Retail and Sage 300cloud

Well suited for midsized retail businesses, iVend Retail management suite integrated with Sage 300cloud helps retailers adopt Omnichannel capabilities with ease. The seamless integration between iVend Retail and Sage 300cloud provides end-to-end retail management with minimal manual intervention and streamlined retail functionality. Retailers can deliver a great shopping experience, with an enterprise ready Omnichannel solution that is mobile, digital and global.

iVend for Sage 300cloud

Seamless Integrations with iVend Retail and Sage 300cloud

iVend Retail integrates with Sage 300cloud via Open APIs allowing for centralised accounting while extending top of the line retail functionality to the entire business. Sage 300cloud is installed at the head-office and can be configured to connect to on premise or cloud deployed iVend Retail. Retail store operations are connected to iVend Enterprise – the central Head Office component of iVend Retail using internet or WAN connections. Fail safe replication allows store to continue trading even when the connection to the head-office is unavailable.


Tangible Business Benefits for Retailers

Maximize sales potential by implementing fully integrated sales growth programs across all sales channels
Gain a better focus on your business through easy to use and contextual dashboards and management information
Easily achieve sales objectives with a lower stock to sales ratio and focus inventory where it is most needed


Boost sales with promotional management functionality and customer loyalty programs
Simplify inventory management with a single stock pool across all sales channels allowing for more efficient stock reduction and improved stock turns

iVend Sage 300cloud Factsheet

iVend powers Sage 300cloud Retailers

Learn how iVend Retail integrates with Sage 300cloud to deliver a seamless retail experience and is engineered to take full advantage of the unique strengths of Sage 300cloud.
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iVend Retail and Sage 300cloud

Version: Sage 300 Update 6.5


Sage 300cloud Integration Configuration

Simple and Intuitive Integration Configuration – Easily configure settings within a single window. Inform iVend Retail of the database and API location of your Sage instance, then initialize the system to start working.

Sage 300cloud Integration Monitor

Real-Time Integration Monitor – View a consolidated, real-time overview of transactional and master data integrations between iVend Retail and Sage 300cloud. The integration monitor intuitively presents failed, pending and successfully integrated transactions.

Payment Type to GL Account Mapping

Quick Access to Account Mappings – Administrators can quickly access Payment Types within iVend Retail for Sage 300cloud to manage account mapping between Payment Type and Variances to Sage 300cloud General Ledger accounts and banks. Ensure correct financial entries are posted without any manual intervention or dual entry.

Customer Credit Limit and Balance Update

iVend for Sage 300cloud manages customer credit limits and balances from anywhere the customer is making a transaction. The customer can pay in either iVend POS or in Sage 300cloud. In each case, the integration synchronises the customer credit limit and balance

Support for Matrix Items

Item Display in Sage 300cloud

Item Display in iVend Retail
Inventory items are displayed intuitively for enhanced customer service and viewing. iVend Retail allows conversion of one-dimensional items in Sage 300cloud to matrix items in iVend Retail. This is achieved by converting and mapping Optional Fields in Sage 300cloud to Product Attributes in iVend Retail.

Promotions (Bonus Buys)

Intuitive Display of Promotions in iVend POS
iVend Retail offers one of the most powerful promotions modules available. All promotions in iVend Retail are posted to Sage 300cloud like any other discount, even though the net effect of promotion is a discount that gets applied on the sale (either individual items or at the document level).

Gift Card Integration

Simple Gift Card Setup – An essential feature of any retail application, iVend Retail for Sage 300cloud supports multiple types of Gift Cards including pre-printed, user defined, and email based. Gift cards are easy to configure in iVend Retail and are seamlessly integrated with Sage 300cloud to work as payment type

Support for iVend Loyalty

Reward Customer Loyalty – Easily create a loyalty and referral program with in-built Loyalty Management in iVend Retail, all seamlessly integrated to Sage 300cloud as a payment type. Management of customer loyalty including program levels, points accumulation policies, redemption plans are all managed in iVend Retail and designed to be as simple as possible for you and your customers. The net effect of loyalty points redemption is integrated into Sage 300cloud is as a payment type.

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