It’s funny how in recent times the retailing mould has been broken.

Once retail outlets were exclusively found in strip shopping precincts or in large shopping centres, now retailers can be almost anywhere.

Besides the great online presence retailers can have, the new wave of retailing in recent years has been in the area of pop up stores.

Pop up stores have been a great addition to the retailing landscape as not only do they offer retailers the opportunity to expand their reach but also gives consumers a great shopping experience in often novel environments.

As pop up stores are not permanent, and may not be available for long periods of time, a different retailing approach is required.

Whether the pop up store is located within a shopping centre or in other non-traditional venues such as university campuses or events, the key to a successful establishment of such a retail outlet is having the flexibility to setup and pull down the store easily.

Running a pop up store does not mean you need to take short cuts in your retail management.

When it comes to retail point of sale solutions in pop up stores, there are many considerations, with the first being whether the pop up store is an extension to an existing store or a new business?

Additions to existing stores require data integration, where as a standalone new store can start from scratch.

Setting up a POS solution in a pop up store is easier than ever thanks to cloud and mobile computing.

Cloud based computing allows for simple extension of a store’s POS solution with less infrastructure required to setup. As long as there is an internet connection available you can easily leverage the stock files that have been setup in your existing permanent store, saving many days of work.

For the ultimate in flexibility you could consider a mobile POS solution. Rather than setting up a complete POS solution with all the required hardware, you can easily use a mobile device to process orders and print receipts using a mobile printer.

A mobile solution is perfect for those pop up stores that have limited space as a traditional counter is no longer needed with sales able to be processed on the run.

Whether you choose to utilise cloud based POS solutions or go mobile, your store can be run as effectively as your other outlets with full POS functionality.

If you are considering setting up a pop up store, you can rest easy knowing that your POS needs can be easily covered.

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