Retail Store Inventory Management

Keep a Bird’s Eye View of Your Stock With Retail Inventory Management

Improve your inventory management with accurate, real-time visibility.

Brands Streamline Their Retail Store Inventory Management With iVend

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We needed a system that was flexible, that would allow us to grow the business as well. With iVend Retail we’ve put in various elements, like a back office system, a hospitality system and reporting & analytics system. The solution has given us some really good dashboards giving real time insight to the retail manager. It has given us the opportunity to use self-checkout to help customers.

Mark Elliot, IT Manager, Pioneer Foods

We implemented iVend Retail alongside SAP Business One to address a total lack of inventory information. As a result, we gained inventory visibility that allows us to educate customers on product quality, view sales every day at each store in real-time.

David Miller, CEO & President Goodwill Industries San Joaquin Valley

Maintain Accurate, Real-Time Stock Visibility With Our Retail Inventory Management Software

Cut your inventory costs up to 10% with real-time, 360-degree retail inventory management.

Why choose iVend for inventory management in your retail stores:

  • Get real-time visibility into your inventory management with updated stock counts.
  • Cut your inventory costs by up to 10% with improved data accuracy and reduced input errors.
  • Cultivate customer experiences across sales channels guaranteeing you have what your customer is looking for.
  • Reduce lost sales with accurate inventory counts, accessible from any location.
  • Optimize employee working hours with mobile inventory management that lets employees update inventory.

Keep business—and stock—flowing smoothly with inventory management software for retail stores.

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Cut Inventory Costs With iVend’s Retail Inventory Management

Control inventory costs and work from a single stock pool with real-time updates. Streamline your business operations and improve customer experiences with the retail industry’s go-to choice for inventory management.

Get real-time visibility

Get real-time visibility into stock levels

Lower your inventory costs

Lower inventory costs by improving accuracy

Create consistent experiences

Create consistent experiences across sales channels

Maintain accurate stock levels, lose fewer sales

Maintain accurate stock levels, lose fewer sales

Simplify returns management from any store

Simplify returns management from any store

Control Your Costs With Retail Inventory Management

Make the most of every sale on the go with accurate inventory levels.

  • Save time and money with easy data access and real-time data validation at the point of sale.
  • Prevent inventory bottlenecks when you monitor inventory shipping times and accurate stock reports.
  • Speed up sales by managing inventory at the expiry date level—get the most from your stock’s lifecycle.
  • Move inventory smoothly with inter-store transfers—ship from the location closest to the customer.
  • Make the most of your inventory storage with real-time stock updates so you don’t run out of room.

Forecast what you need to buy, and cultivate relationships with customers with decision-making powered by an all-in-one inventory dashboard.

Retail Store Inventory Management

Why Businesses Trust Our Inventory Management System for Retail

Years in business helping enterprises control their inventory
Industry-leading brands using iVend
Centers across the world
Certified iVend professionals, ready to provide 24/7 support

iVend Handheld for Android

Maximize productivity for your inventory management with iVend-supported handheld devices. Empower your employees with a retail inventory management app for stock counts and product SKUs, with real-time updates.


  • Stock counting via Barcode Scan
  • Goods Receipt PO
  • Goods Return to Vendor
  • Item Lookup
  • Stock Transfer
  • Request

  • Shipment

  • Receipt

  • Stock Management
  • Goods Issue
  • Goods Receipt
  • Location Transfer
Retail Inventory Management

Retail Store Inventory Management for Multiple Industries

Streamline your stock management across industries—from grocery stores to pharmacies—with intuitive, handheld inventory management tools.

  • Maximize sales when you ensure your fast-selling, in-demand options are always in stock.
  • Maintain 360-degree visibility of your inventory with data-rich analytics tools.
  • Reduce retail downtime with a cloud-based solution that keeps your data accessible, 24/7.
  • Monitor your sales data and inventory levels with real-time data collection at the point of sale.
  • Manage inventory across sales channels with inventory tracking at the SKU level across multiple stores.

Experience tailored inventory management for your retail store—customized to meet the demands of your industry.

Cut Customer Wait Times With Instant Product Availability

Make shopping experiences frictionless with accurate inventory reports.

Improve Your Inventory Management Techniques With iVend Store Inventory Management Software

Maintain complete inventory visibility across the entire enterprise and the ability to check stock levels from anywhere in the store.

Maximize inventory productivity regardless of inventory location. Guarantee you’ll have stock when you set reorder points for goods.

Achieve accurate stock counts and reports, and perform cycle counts with real-time barcode scanning.

Manage product SKUs and pricing across all channels and customer groups. Seamlessly receive goods when you set purchase orders.

Deliver a heightened customer experience and reduce wait times by instantly looking up product availability and pricing data from anywhere in the store, and monitoring your supply chain.

Inventory Management in Retail Stores

Level Up Your Retail Inventory Management

Improve your inventory management process with end-to-end, round-the-clock support.

  • 24/7 Support
    Cut retail downtime with round-the-clock technical support that’s ready to problem-solve.
  • 15 Years in Business, Supporting Over 1,000 Brands
    Work with the premier inventory management for retail stores—15 years in business, supporting 1,163 brands in over 90 countries.
  • End-to-End Inventory Management
    Maximize your inventory productivity, no matter where it’s located, tracking stock across multiple channels.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are numerous factors that go into retail shop inventory management, from sales patterns and customer demand to supplier lead times and backorder rates.

A well-run operation will take all of these things into account to make sure that product is available when customers want it, while also maximizing efficiency and minimizing costs.

There are a number of ways that you can keep track of inventory, but the most common methods are through point-of-sale (POS) systems and barcode scanners.

POS systems allow you to track what items are being sold, how much stock is on hand, and when items need to be reordered.

Barcode scanners scan barcodes on products and send that information back to the POS system, which then updates the inventory levels for each product.

You can also use RFID tags to keep track of the amount of inventory you have on hand. RFID tags are small chips that can be embedded in products or packaging and that emit radio signals. You can use RFID readers to scan products and collect data about them.

Retail inventory management is important because it allows you to track your stock and make sure you are not selling products that you do not have in stock. This can lead to lost sales, dissatisfied customers, and increased carrying costs.

A retail inventory management system can also help you plan for future sales, make better decisions about what products to stock, and track how much money you are spending on inventory.

By using retail inventory management solutions, you can make sure that their stock is always up-to-date and that they are not wasting money on unnecessary inventory.

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