Join the sessions listed below to sharpen your development skills in extending iVend functionality as per your customer’s enterprise requirements.

Developing Reports using iVend Report Designer
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POS Receipt Customization
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Advanced Report Development using iVend Report Designer
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Developing Dashboards using iVend Dashboard Designer
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Add-on Developments

This session will cover the add-on developments for iVend to accomplish business logic extensions via new validation rules, screens, tables or fields in the database, etc. Add-on applications can also handle transaction events like change of customer, product addition, completion of transaction, etc.

Session topics

  • Understanding add-on features
  • Work flow and Event propagation in add-on
  • Object list where events are exposed
  • Developing Add-on for MC and POS
iVend APIs

This session will cover the consumption of iVend APIs for integrating the iVend Retail application to other third-party enterprise application. We will cover how to consume API and what all objects are exposed in the API.

Session topics

  • Overview and where to find iVend API
  • How to consume an iVend API
  • Objects exposed via API
  • Code sample for consuming API

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