I have a saying. You can’t sell anything to anyone if they don’t know you exist.

It’s a simple saying but one many businesses lose sight of.

The role of sales campaigns in retail is important for most. Not only is it an opportunity to move stock and grow sales but also an opportunity to attract new customers that hopefully become regular customers.

Sales campaigns can come in many shapes and sizes. From all out promotional campaigns involving above the line media, massive in store presence and customer communications to internal sales staff campaigns, the underlying factor is the role of staff in their implementation.

Easily overlooked yet imperative to ensure the effectiveness of campaigns, the awareness of sales staff of the machinations of the campaign is often the difference between campaign success and failure.

As the retail environment can be complex, with staff having to remember many different packets of information to achieve their daily tasks, any assistance that can help remind staff of the aspects of the sales campaign can greatly impact the performance.

Retail Point of Sale solutions can play their part in helping keep retail staff aware of attributes of sales campaigns through messaging prompts.

Imagine you sell bottled water and you are running a promotion that offers a free bottle of water for every six purchased. If the customer comes to the checkout with five bottles of water the sales staff could encourage the purchase of an extra bottle of water by making the customer aware of the promotion. cheap domain . A smart POS solution will identify the promotion at the checkout and prompt the sales staff to offer the promotion to the customer.

This simple prompting by the POS solution can make a drastic impact to the effectiveness of the sales campaign but it goes without saying that a culture of proactively supporting sales campaigns amongst your staff is imperative. No matter how great the technology at hand, your staff are the difference between making an extra sale or not.

Next time you are running a sales campaign consider how your POS solution can assist in making your sales staff more aware of the details of sales campaigns to improve the results.

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