Showcase Uses iVend Retail to Achieve Efficiency and Speed During Check-Out

As a growing national retailer, Showcase was contending with more stores, more sales, and more data all connecting to 15 different separate systems. The move to iVend Retail, fully integrated into SAP Business One, gave us a best-of-breed POS/ERP combination, that made our business integrated, near-time, and nimble. We couldn’t have grown to the level we have without a partner like iVend.

Samir Kulkarni, CEO, Showcase

Headquarters: North America
Industry: Specialty Retail – Health, Beauty, Toys, Home Goods
Solution: iVend Point of Sale (POS)

showcaseFounded in 1994, Showcase has grown to become an award-winning national retailer specializing in emerging trends in health, beauty, home, and toys. Today, they have 107 locations in major malls across Canada, an e-commerce portal called, and are expanding to the US in the summer of 2018.
Showcase looks to transform hard goods retail in the way that “fast fashion” retailers H&M and Zara have transformed soft goods. They have developed and refined a “rapid retail” methodology in our business, upending traditional health, home, beauty, and toy retailers.


  • An outdated user interface (UI) that severely limited their growth and customer experience
  • Freezing errors at time of checkout and no support for contactless payment methods
  • POS that could only handle a certain limited number of stores, not their full enterprise
  • POS that was not configurable by individual location, making tax codes difficult to manage
  • Information was slow to sync to the head office and only batched nightly
  • Lack of tools for complex promotions and no visibility into promotional performance
  • No customer information maintained in the POS; only allowed anonymous sales
  • Closed database prohibited customizations and extensibility to develop programmatic solutions
  • Time consuming double accounting manual entries and reconciliation
  • Eliminated 15 different isolated retail IT systems
  • Overall 30% reduction in data entry and manual reconciliation
  • Near-time ERP/POS synchronization with 50% increase in data accuracy
  • 25% increase in speed of retail execution (faster import/export, faster launch of promotions)
  • Customer tracking at POS (easy tracking of customer purchase history and preferences)
  • Simplified user training (much simpler interface and customizable screen designs)
  • Ability to accept contactless (tap), Apple Pay, Android Pay
  • Customizable screen design allowing for faster check-out and fewer clicks per screen
  • 25% increase in employee satisfaction
  • Capabilities for custom and complex promotions
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