iVend Retail empowered ShopDirect by giving them insight at the group, individual store and product level via iVend Dashboards

ShopDirect now has the power to manage our business and not just run it! If I have to choose again, I’d pick iVend Retail.

Collins Agu, Managing Director, ShopDirect

Headquarters: Nigeria
Industry: Retail – Supermarket chain, eCommerce
Solution: iVend Retail Management Suite
Business Partner: Stread iT

ShopdirectShop Direct is a chain of grocery stores operating in Nigeria since 2000. They started with a single ‘mini-mart’ store and now have successfully established a chain of retail megastores nationally. Shop Direct has plans to continue expanding in the grocery sector, and to further venture into pharmaceuticals. Our customer intends to open another branch in Aqaba with their extensive online presence.

When Shop Direct launched its first store, they had invested in a retail solution called 4site to assist in running their store business.


4site was capable of handling sales transactions produced at a single store. As Shop Direct grew to multiple stores across the country, it became apparent that 4site was inadequate for the company’s growth and couldn’t handle the much-needed back-offi ce operations.

They were unable to ascertain the ROI from stores, the revenue gains and its utilisation, which products were bestsellers and what-sells-with-what. 4site was also unable to provide consolidated group and individual store income statements. The lack of integration between the four stores became a hindrance in reporting and visibility.

As the management admits, the outdated retail IT solution was costing the enterprise severely before they decided to upgrade to iVend Retail.

  • Information is replicated automatically across the retail chain and head office.
  • The stores can work effortlessly in offline mode
  • Faster, convenient check-outs for customers
  • Reports and Dashboards provide single view of customer
  • Stock-take process has become instantaneous and efficient/li>
  • Order management has aided in accurate and timely purchase planning
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