Complete Integration – key to retail success

“We needed a better system to support our company, so we went with SAP”. Our retail shop also needed an easier, user friendly system which integrated with SAP so we selected iVend Retail. We are now better able to track transactions through the system and can also create gift certificates on the fly.

Angela Hahn, Finance Administrator, MiniJumbuk

Headquarters: Valencia, Venezuela
Industry: Retail – Home Wares
Solution: iVend Retail


HillzeezA proudly 100% owned Australian icon, MiniJumbuk has been manufacturing and selling exceptional quilts, underlays and pillows for over 30 years. Based in Naracoorte, South Australia, MinJjumbuk developed the first woollen blanket in Australia, and today continues the tradition with its emphasis on quality, innovation and craftsmanship, being committed to providing the best possible night’s sleep. MiniJumbuk quilts, underlays and pillows are available from all leading department stores and Manchester specialty shops. Range names include: UltraWool,Verve, Eternity, Dimensions, Luxus, Sensuality, Essence, Boutique Collection and Junior Jumbuk.The company produces Australia’s finest wool bedding products and sells within the Australian market as well as overseas.

  • Improve inventory and customer management
  • Fully integrate enterprise accounting application with retail operations
  • Improve employee productivity and overall store performance
  • Streamline warehousing processes
  • Eliminated data duplication and data inconsistencies with data entry at the source
  • Increased employees’ overall efficiency by eliminating work duplication
  • Improved cash tracking and stock and replenishment planning
  • Achieved faster returns processing
  • Standardized business processes based on industry best practices
  • Distributed process for customer registration and Billing for queue busting
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