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Best in Retail integrate with SAP to enhance Instore experience

iVend was the only independent solution that allowed us to find full integration with SAP Retail. User adoption of iVend Retail has exceed all expectations of usability due to a highly intuitive interface, a solution iVend Retail is truly outstanding.

Eduardo Rodriguez, ivoo

Headquarters: Valencia, Venezuela
Website: ivoo.com
Industry: Retail
Solution: iVend Retail Point-of-Sale and Store Back-Office application with SAP IS Retail solution portfolio

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ivoo is the modern Retail venture of Siragon, a leading Venezuelan manufacturer and assembler of computer hardware and other technology products like digital cameras, peripherals and plasma TV screens. Siragon also designs and manufactures its own RAM and flash memory and printed circuit boards. The company was created in an alliance between Venezuelan and Japanese investors. Its manufacturing plants are located in the North Industrial Zone of Valencia. On November, 2009, Síragon has significant presence in American continent and has started distributing its product line in Argentina allied with the Argentinian computer wholesale vendor Greentech. Síragon manufactures its own designs and also builds under license, all-in-one computers from Brazilian Itautec. Siragon product are manufactured in Venezuela. Siragon is a multifaceted conglomerate with a vast base of manufacturing & distribution of electronics goods that include Digital cameras, Video cameras, Desktop computers, Laptop computers, Netbooks, Computer servers, LCD,etc. Siragon ventured into the retail business in the electronics sector with ivoo, a onestop shop for specialty electronic products, the store that sells everything electronic, not only showcases Siragon’s product range but also is a storehouse of all leading Global electronics brands like Philips, Apple, Samsung, IFB etc. The flagship store of Siragon was conceptualized to offer a unique blend of innovation and technology together spread of thousands of sq yards of Store space with numerous point of sales. ivoo store was an ambitious venture by its parent, being the largest electronics retail store in Valencia, Venezuela.

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Siragon was keen to take advantage of the latest retail technology while opening their flagship store ivoo; in order to offer its customers the most efficient and streamlined purchasing experience, with a focus on fast, effective, and efficient service to each customer and a unique product mix. In addition, the company needed a scalable solution to support its aggressive expansion plans. In the launch process of the brand ivoo, Siragon understood the benefits of automated and integrated front- and back-office operations. Executives conducted an evaluation process, comparing their business requirements for purchasing, inventory, merchandise and assortment planning, and point of sale (POS) to software offered by CitiXsys as well as other vendors. The CitiXsys Retail solution portfolio and related retail-specific applications, such as the iVend Point-of-Sale and Back-Office application, met the group’s technology and expansion requirements. Since it was first ivoo store and the project was starting from scratch, planning had to be precise, keeping in view both the existing business and future business plans of the company. The project was managed by Siragon and CitiXsys teams, using both offshore and on-site models. This was a “greenfield” project, involving information technology, POS and integration from the store to the back office. In addition, iVend Retail and the SAP for Retail solution portfolio were implemented for the first time inVenezuela. As a further challenge, the project had to be completed in time for the scheduled opening of the first store.

  • Easy-to-use solution that is scalable to accommodate future growth and demands
  • Eliminates data duplication and data inconsistencies with data entry at the source
  • Increases employees’ overall efficiency by eliminating work duplication saving man hours
  • Improved cash tracking and stock and replenishment planning
  • Increased speed and accuracy in processing transactions
  • Standardized business processes based on industry best practices
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