CORPONET has empowered several retail chains in streamlining operations & retail integration

IHNSA’s business evolves on the internal management of its business processes and the company has found in iVend Retail the ideal platform for growth and customer satisfaction.

David Peterson, CIO, IHNSA

Headquarters: Mexico
Website: ihnsa.com
Industry: Capital goods and spares
Solution: iVend Retail, iVend Loyalty with SAP Business One

Supplies and Tools of North (IHNSA) was founded in 1998 with its headquarters in Cuauhtemoc City, Chihuahua, North of Mexico. The company sells hand-held machine tools, industrial tools like welding machines, and is also invested significantly in the metal engineering industry. Another arm of the company has its focus on agricultural supplies and instruments. IHNSA also supplies input material to the automotive industries in northern Mexico.

IHNSA currently has a head office and four branches; three of them located in Chihuahua and one in Durango. The opening of the latest branch has been one of the most important achievements of the Company. Over time IHNSA has involved itself deeply in innovation and better offerings to their current customers, thereby differentiating itself from the competition.

In the beginning, the company used Microsip to streamline its operational processes. Then, IHNSA migrated to Eviciti POS for a year and a half.

Another of the most important achievements has been the implementation of iVend Retail at their stores. With iVend’s new and empowered business plans, report generation, data collation synchronisation and Analytics, the company is ready to use near real-time processing to its fullest advantage.



The company’s biggest problem was the lack of synchronization of reports & documents between branches and head office. The management reported that documents were not replicating in time, and there were errors in the derived information.

Lack of data synchronisation between outlets. If a customer bought an article at one store, it was not possible to return it at another store of the company. Also, the company’s software at that time was unable to deliver invoices to the customer because of synchronization delay and other related technological roadblocks.

What the company needed on an immediate basis was replication of data and information simultaneously and in real time between different branches. Plus, another great need for them was the staff being able to use applications in offline mode because the Internet service was intermittent and held up smooth operational functionality.

  • 20 % increase in sales
  • 99-100 % efficiency in the flow of administrative and transactional operation
  • Immediate response to customer
  • iVend POS opened doors to Loyalty and eCommerce
  • Replication of information simultaneously between different branches
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