El Duende


El Duende

Delivers Omnichannel Excellence with iVend Retail

Meeting the needs of customers today depends on the Omnichannel business model, and iVend Retail provides the tools to help us achieve our goals and has already given us a big competitive advantage.

Fernando Aguilar, Propietario, El Duende

Headquarters: Latin America
Website: elduendemall.com
Industry: Video Games & Consumer Electronics
Solution: iVend POS, iVend Loyalty, iVend eCommerce, iVend mPOS

El Duende aimed to support customers along various paths to purchase – whether they prefer to review a product online and checking location-specific inventory prior to shopping or first visit the store to listen to or feel a product and then to purchase it online later.

El Duende recognized that the Omnichannel capabilities, single stock pool, and real-time view of customers, inventory and sales in iVend Retail would uniquely position them to covert more sales from a variety of channels. Data visibily helps them to identify in real-time, best selling stock and merchandise more accurately. Ensure the right level of the stock at a given store, reduce mark downs and costs of transferring stock to other stores, and extend access to real-time inventory and product data to their customers.

Case-Study-English      Case-Study-CTA

  • Limited functionality in homegrown POS
  • Desire for Omnichannel retail management solution
  • Needed a solution that integrated stores to eCommerce
  • No integration to SAP Business One ERP
  • Lacked visibility into real-time inventory and sales data
  • Slow to process pricing adjustments and lost sales
  • Required a full time employee to manage retail systems
  • A modern retail ecosystem that will continue to grow alongside industry innovations
  • ERP integration with SAP Business One
  • Better data visibility with fewer invoice errors
  • Improved customer experience
  • Ability to react faster with promotions and offers
  • Increased sales and foot traffic
  • Robust Omnichannel capabilities with sales integration across channels
  • Integrated Loyalty, Promotions, Inventory, eCommerce and BOPIS functionality
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