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Cell City’s Decision to Invest in iVend Retail Pays Off for Mobile Sales Franchise

Cell City as official wholesaler and retail specialist in the mobile device field in Botswana has been existence for 20 years this year. Up until October 2018 the company made use of an outdated ERP/ POS solution that worked for the few stores that we had at the time. Due to our exponential growth path in terms of rolling out of additional stores we needed a solution that would speed up our customer experience in the store but at the same time give us a level of comfort in knowing that stock was being accurately measured and controlled.

Brian White, Chief Executive Officer, Cell City

Headquarters: Botswana
Industry: Mobile Telecommunications
Solution: iVend Retail integrated to SAP Business One iVend POS, iVend Loyalty, iVend Reporting & Analytics, iVend mPOS

Cell-CityCell City started with a single outlet at Riverwalk in 2001. Today they have 16 self-owned branches and 42 franchised retail stores countrywide with an employee strength of 190.Their success and growth as a company can be attributed to the strong partnerships they have forged across their franchise. These strong partnerships encompass their suppliers, who have shown faith in their business and have promoted their various brands through Cell City outlets. The strong partnerships also include the Mobile Network Operators like Orange, Mascom and BTC.
However, Cell City considers that their strongest partnership is with their customers. They always strive to serve their customers better as they believe that happy customers are the key to business success. Cell City celebrated its 20th year in March 2020.

  • Lacked an inventory management solution
  • High theft levels due to poor stock management
  • No support for customer loyalty and promotions
  • No integration to SAP Business One ERP
  • Manual system leading to inaccurate data
  • Manual system leading to inaccurate data
  • Automated process with store data accuracy 100%
  • Significant increase in speed of customer checkout
  • Seamless integration to SAP Business One
  • Easy to calculate sales commission/employee
  • Drastic reduction in thefts
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