AOC has streamlined Retail Operations and a simple and smooth sales process that is quick and effective.

iVend Retail Solution from CitiXsys is set up very well across all our entire stores to handle complex sales processes, promotions, offers & inventory and to schedule deliveries at a macro level. The product implementation & support team is very willing to work with us. The best part is the extensive feature set of the product that suits our line of business (Electronics Vertical), which is complex and different from the other Retail businesses.

Yaseen Aljaizani, Co-Founder and CEO, AOC

Headquarters: UAE
Industry: Electronics
Solution: iVend Retail with SAP Business One
Business Partner: ProCons 4IT


AOC-ThumbAOC is a private company operating in the telecommunications market since 2004 in Angola/UAE. The philosophy of the brand AOC has been developed since 2007 with a focus on the distribution and retail of high quality mobile handsets and allied accessories.
In last five years, AOC has stated its success and is now one of the leading retailers, stimulating the market in their approach to users. AOC is a young and rapidly expanding company with people of high responsibility and motivation to become one of the strongest brands in this market. Facilitating communication, and as our motto states, ‘DRIVING MOBILITY’.
AOC is an Angola and UAE based enterprise, they currently have 8 stores operational in Angola and have recently opened their new store in Ras Al Khaimah, UAE.

  • Non-integrated data management
  • Invoicing and extraction of financial data was time consuming
  • Needed a reliable retail management system with streamlined inventory view
  • Process to generate financial reports was complex
  • Manual synchronization of data from store to enterprise led to errors
  • Increased employee efficiency with integrated back office processes
  • Real-time inventory visibility
  • Synchronized data transfers between Stores & enterprise for data accuracy
  • Achieved faster order processing & flexible promotion management
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