Al-Hajery Pharmacies


Al-Hajery Pharmacies

Al-Hajery deploys an integrated retail management system and gains visibility across the enterprise

We were in need of a solution that gave us a real-time view of the inventory and save capital investment in stocks. iVend Retail provided us with across the board visibility of merchandise and Analytics to fine-tune store processes.

Jackson Victor D’Souza, IT Director, Al-Hajery

Headquarters: Kuwait
Industry: Retail – Drug Store/ Pharmacy
Solution: iVend Retail Management Suite with SAP
Business One

al-hajeryThe Kuwaiti conglomerate MNH (Mohamad Naser Al-Hajery & Sons) opened the country’s first retail pharmacy in 1946. It was founded by Mohamed Naser Al-Hajery and his cousin Ibrahim Yacoub Al-Hajery, under the name ‘The Kuwaiti Drug Store’. The Kuwaiti Drug Store was the first company to introduce the lifesaving drug penicillin to the Kuwait market. As pharmaceuticals and medical supplies division has historically been the core of MNH, it flourished greatly and has grown to over 16 pharmacies across the country. In the 1970s, the Kuwait Drug Store was renamed to Mohamed Naser Al-Hajery & Sons Co. (MNH). Al Hajery continues to bring new products to Kuwait to further its tradition of being a trail-blazer in the country’s pharmaceutical retail field.

  • Retail solution did not have reporting capability for real-time metrics
  • Inaccurate merchandise assays because of manual intervention
  • Man-hours wasted in replication of store data
  • Lack of back-end integration hindered process visibility
  • Retail solution incapable of handling multiple stores
  • Head office did not receive real-time inventory data
  • Integrated reporting tools and Analytics for real-time metrics
  • Integration of retail processes allows transparency in processes
  • Real-time analysis of merchandise, sales, pricing, etc
  • Significant improvement in customer engagement
  • Single view of merchandise
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