Pharmacy Inventory Management

Stay on top of your active inventory with our accurate, intuitive pharmacy inventory management.

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We needed a system that was flexible, that would allow us to grow the business as well. With iVend Retail we’ve put in various elements, like a back office system, a hospitality system and reporting & analytics system. The solution has given us some really good dashboards giving real time insight to the retail manager. It has given us the opportunity to use self-checkout to help customers.

Mark Elliot, IT Manager, Pioneer Foods

We implemented iVend Retail alongside SAP Business One to address a total lack of inventory information. As a result, we gained inventory visibility that allows us to educate customers on product quality, view sales every day at each store in real-time.

David Miller, CEO & President Goodwill Industries San Joaquin Valley

Streamline Your Business With Reliable Pharmacy Inventory Management

Keep track of stock levels and quickly reorder retail products with pharmacy inventory management. 

Why choose iVend for your pharmacy inventory management:

  • Optimize your sales with in-depth expiration date management—sell retail items at the best time of their life cycle.
  • Easily dispose of expired medicine by accepting returns and sending it back to the manufacturer for proper disposal.
  • Remind patients to pick up their medication with scheduled reminders in your pharmacy inventory management.
  • Obtain full visibility over your inventory and cash flow with comprehensive analytics tools.
  • Centralize your procurement processes with automatic PO generation integrated into the platform.

Take the guesswork out of your retail pharmacy inventory management with a etailed reporting that tracks your inventory levels and streamlines re-ordering.

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Regain Control of Your Pharmacy Inventory

Make informed business decisions and accelerate growth with accurate and real-time visibility into your inventory levels.

  • Accelerate digital transformation with simplified retail management solutions for pharmacies.
  • Enjoy unparalleled data accessibility with cloud-based inventory management for your pharmacy—available 24/7.
  • Immediately access medicine information with barcodes that contain expiry date, price, batch number, and other critical details.
  • Deploy and monitor campaigns in real-time with single- and multi-location retail management.
  • Capture insurance details and apply discounts when your customer checks out.

With robust inventory management, pharmacy businesses like yours can focus on what matters: Delivering compassionate, health-focused customer service.

Pharmacy Inventory Management System

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Certified professionals ready to troubleshoot your inventory management software
Data accessibility with our cloud-based inventory management
Countries call iVend Retail the go-to choice in retail management
Pharmacy Inventory Management Software

Deploy the Go-To Pharmacy Inventory Management System

Adopt the go-to inventory management software for pharmacy applications with a versatile solution tailor-made for your business.

  • Seamlessly adopt your next inventory management solution with integration options for ERP systems and store handheld terminals.
  • Conduct quality inspections on the fly with the ability to compare receiving with POs and warehouse shipments.
  • Monitor sales and inventory levels with real-time data collection.
  • Improve your pharmacy inventory management workflow with access to an extensive resource library.
  • Receive immediate technical support with our 24/7 customer support capabilities.

Streamline your pharmacy inventory management system workflow with on-the-go inventory reporting and analytics.

Stay on Top of Your Pharmacy Inventory

Monitor inventory and critical medical information with retail management tailored for the pharmacy industry.

Capture Critical Medical Information With iVend’s Inventory Management for Pharmacies

Stay ahead of the medical curve with iVend’s inventory management for your pharmacy, capturing important insurance and medical details.:

  • Gather Insurance Information
    Collect patients’ insurance information with custom configurations in retail pharmacies with cloud-based management software.
  • Collect Doctor Details
    For your multi-site store or hospital pharmacy, our inventory management software records details from the doctor who issued your customer’s prescription.
  • Substitute Generic Medications
    Offer your customers a better price for generic medication with offerings across multiple brands.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A good place to start is by making a list of all the products you have in stock and then grouping them by category.

For example, create a list of all your pain medications, then another list for all your cold and flu remedies, etc. This will make it easier for you when it comes time to restock your shelves.

Some easy ways to organize medical inventory include keeping  a list of what each bottle contains on the front of the bottle, so they’re easy to refill.

Organization becomes painless when you choose to streamline your inventory management with iVend’s help.

This simple system has worked well for many pharmacies, and it’s been helpful in reducing the amount of time that staff spend looking for specific medicines.

Careful inventory management is critical to any business, but especially so in the pharmacy.

Pharmacies are subject to many regulations for controlled substances, so it’s important to track not only what you have in stock, but also what you need to order.

Additionally, pharmaceuticals are often very expensive, and even a small mistake can cost the pharmacy a lot of money.

By improving inventory management, pharmacies can ensure that they are stocking the medications and supplies their patients need while also maximizing their profits.

Some tips for improving pharmacy inventory management include tracking stock levels and using forecasting to anticipate future needs.

Computerized ordering systems can automatically order medications and supplies when stock levels fall below a certain threshold.

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