Online/Offline POS.

Stay connected to the store & process transactions from anywhere, anytime.

Just as mobile devices have transformed how consumers shop today, the same solutions enable retailers to offer better customer service in store and have become a key tool that retailers can use today for faster business expansion.

Online-offline Mode

iVend Retail leverages mobile technology to provide feature rich solutions for end-consumers as well as retailers that work even if disconnected from the internet. iVend Mobile POS is used by busy retailers to quickly add additional check out terminals to serve customers during high traffic periods. Others use it as a mainstream alternative to traditional POS terminals to optimize investments made in expensive retail real estate space or to effortlessly open new locations. Others use is for occasional pop-ups shops or on the go sales.

Wherever it is deployed, iVend Mobile POS has been designed in a way that it can either connect online to an in-store server over a WiFi network OR it can connect directly to the Head Office server over a 3G/4G/LTE connection. When WiFi is slow it or there is no network connectivity, iVend Mobile POS enables a business to continue processing transactions locally on the device— once connectivity returns, data simply re-syncs with iVend Enterprise

iVend Retail Mobile POS ensures a retailer’s POS will run efficiently, and reliably, regardless of Internet connectivity.


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