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Online/Offline POS.

Stay connected to the store to process transactions anywhere on the shop floor, anytime.

Retail on mobile device has 2 broad connotations. On one hand it has transformed how consumers shop on the other it has enabled retailers to offer a better customer service. In addition to this, mobile technology is also a tool that retailers today use for faster business expansion.

Online-offline Mode

iVend Retail Management Suite meets these 2 broad ends of the spectrum with as many features to end consumers as to the retailers.

iVend Mobile POS is a technology innovation for retailers which allows them to use it as a queue buster. Retailers use iVend Mobile POS as a mainstream alternative to traditional POS terminals to optimize investments made in expensive retail real estate space. The application is also used by retailers to quickly add additional check out terminals during festive season or rush hours.

iVend Mobile POS has been designed in a way that it can either connect to the in-store server over a WiFi network OR it can connect directly to the Head Office server over a 3G/4G/LTE connection. This ability to connect directly to the Head Office allows a retailer to expand the business much faster. Opening additional stores was never easy. The Retailer need not invest on expensive IT Infrastructure while opening a new store.

In the unforeseen event where the network connectivity between the POS and the in-store server OR the Head Office server breaks, iVend Mobile POS with its native database ensures business continuity. The application allows the retailer to continue business as usual and ensures data integrity when the connection is restored.

Retailers who have deployed Mobility early are seeing positive results. The experience of a major Sports Goods retailer with their iVend Mobile POS deployment is typical of this trend, where their results included reduced labor units, increased basket size and raised customer satisfaction levels.


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