This infographic outlines how technology has helped retailing evolve over time. From single channel, simple brick-and-mortar stores, retailing underwent a transition with the advent of internet-based e-tailers and then coming together of various channels in the form of multichannel enterprise retail. Now is the time when multichannel (like the store, mobiles/tablets, traditional web like desktops/laptops, catalogues, phone ordering, etc.) merge into a single source of truth for the customer as well as the retailer in omni-channel.

A consumer looks for a seamless brand experience; omni-channel allows the same, for e.g., order an item online, and pick it up from a retailer’s brick-and-mortar location (or click-and-collect). With a single inventory stock pool and all-around visibility, the retailer’s eCommerce operations can save potentially-lost sales by utilising store inventories for fulfilment. Even store associates can save out-of-stock situations by reordering fast-moving consumer goods.

From new buying cycles to enhanced in-store experience for the customers, omni-channel has evolved as the new face of retailing.


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