Embracing Mobility in Retail

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The key objective for retailers today is to influence shopper decisions across all selling channels. Forward looking Retailers who use mobility stand to gain the most when they integrate it with both online and in-store shopping tools. The more channels the customer is exposed to, the greater the chance for cross selling successes.

Today, customers receive brand and product messages from several marketing channels including email, in-store promotions, mobile messaging, and social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter. Each of these channels helps drive awareness and provides an opportunity for consumers to opt in.

Join our Webinar to know how Mobility influences the customer behavior on the path to purchase and additionally we uncover a few secrets on Mobile technology integration to modern retail landscape.

Mobilize The Shop Floor

iVend Mobile is the future of shopping. With Mobile technology adoption retailers and brands are changing the way they engage with the customer. Mobility has become the most sought after technology in retail world today.

View this video to learn more about the features of iVend Retail and the convenience, proactive responsiveness, faster transactions and customer satisfaction it brings in your business

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