The weakest link in the customers’ Omnichannel experience is in the retail store

New technology has enabled and empowered the customer in every aspect of retail – online, mobile, loyalty programs – except in the actual store.  The oldest form of retail, also has the oldest technology – and the customer experience suffers a result.  The consumer many times leaves a store disappointed that their experience in person was in many ways, less personal and less satisfying than their digital interaction.

This can be changed through empowering retail staff with the right technology.  The right tools with the right training will create a more consistent and satisfying experience for the customer and enable the retailer to make the process more personal.


Tim Barton

Tim Barton brings more than 30 years of leadership and consultancy experience in retail, working in environments of scale, high complexity and fast pace. Previously working with River Island, Boots UK, Ann Summers and Berry Brothers & Rudd, his extensive domain expertise lies in the operational implementation of complex business change programmes, business process improvement and retail technology.  As Director of Product Marketing at Citixsys, Tim is the Ambassador of the iVend Retail Suite of products and delivers the Brand message to Customers and Partners


Manish Chaturvedi

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