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iVend Retail from CitiXsys is an end-to-end omnichannel application suite for Enterprise Retailers, integrating modules such as consumer loyalty, retail analytics and reporting, eCommerce, Mobile POS and Digital Passes.

iVend Retail ensures a consistently superior customer experience across all channels through its omnichannel integration. A retailer has the flexibility to run a single stock pool across all sales channels which allows reduction of stock-holding, improving stock turns and saves capital.

With emphasis on performance and functionality, iVend Retail on Cloud empowers the Enterprise Retailer like they never imagined.

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Infographic – Evolving the Customer Experience with Omnichannel


Understand the true meaning of omnichannel operations for a retailer and the advantages it bring, download the copy of ‘Evolving the Customer Experience with Omnichannel’. This infographic underlines the store’s journey from brick-and-mortar to complete omnichannel retail, the ways on how a retailer can better interact better with customers and statistics of operational improvement on post implementation.

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Omnichannel Video

Omnichannel_VideoThis iVend Retail video chronicles a day in the life of an omnichannel shopper. See how the retailer can enhance the customer experience using an omnichannel suite of retail applications and converts a shopper into a loyal customer.

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