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Must-Have Omnichannel Solutions
Achieve Your Everywhere Expansion Dreams

Big dreams? Get the tools you need to boldly go after them. iVend offers cutting-edge omnichannel retail software
to make your expansion dreams possible. Sneak a peek:

iVend POS

iVend’s e-commerce-integrated, All-in-One POS is at the heart of your enterprise. Manage inventory, customer profiles, promotions and more. All from one place.


Omnichannel includes the pop-up shop and the sales floor, too. With iVend mPOS, you can meet customers wherever they are so that they leave feeling amazed.


Serve your on-the-go (or on-the-couch) customers. With eCommerce Integration, you can sell all over the world. (Even while sleeping.)


iVend Loyalty

iVend Loyalty will help you better understand your customers. Glean insights from buying behavior, browsing history and detailed analytics. Slide into DMs with personalised messaging and incentives.


iVend Passes

Send coupons, gift cards, special offers and promotions straight-to-smartphone. It’s easier on the planet and easier for your tech-savvy customers. Millennials will think you’re “legit.”


iVend Reporting and Analytics

Enjoy a single source of analytical truth with enterprise-wide reporting and analytics.

  • Make better decisions.
  • Plan ahead with foresight and confidence.
  • Attract more customers and make more of them happy.

The Best Software for Managing Multiple Stores

Omnichannel is one of the hottest topics occupying the minds of retailers today. It’s not just a fashionable word of the day but a necessity, if retailers are to stay ahead of their competition and maintain customer loyalty.
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Unbeatable POS Benefits


Merchandise Hierarchy

Overall enterprise view as well as a narrower view of families or classes of products.

Replenishment Planning

Generate stock movement recommendations to replenish warehouses or stores.

Sales Forecasting

Make informed business decisions regarding inventory, cash flow or plan for growth.

SMS Integration

Send SMS and email notifications to registered customers from within the application.

Hear directly from our customers:

iVend was the only independent solution that allowed us to find full integration with SAP Retail. User adoption of iVend Retail has exceeded all expectations of usability due to a highly intuitive interface, a solution iVend Retail is truly outstanding.
ivoo, Venezuela
Our staff have commented on how easy the iVend system was to learn and to operate – it has helped to alleviate the “human errors” that we have had experienced in the past. Good features in iVend are the ability to easily look at other store and main warehouse stock levels in real time, integrated eftpos has been great, gift voucher processing is easy and transparent and we have now just implemented Lay-By.
Burke Marine, Australia
We implemented iVend Retail alongside SAP Business One to address what was a total lack of information – we no idea how many items we had or the quality and had to wait 24 hours for results from sales each day. It was really guessing game. Now, we have data on what customers are buying on a day to day basis and can maximize our donations. We’ve gained inventory visibility to educate customers on product quality, we know what the sales are every day at each store in real-time and can track our best performing stores and can get a new store open with the right materials and staffing in no time.
Goodwill Industries, San Joaquin Valley, USA

Endless Integrations

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