Mobile Innovation

Reinvigorating the Stores Value

Mobile has changed the face of retail and new, complex patterns of consumer activity are being generated by this mobile-first movement and are disrupting retailers’ strategies.

Embracing mobile point of sale either alongside or in place of fixed terminals provides retailers with an opportunity to reinvigorate shopper interactions in a number of ways.

This whitepaper outlines the benefits of incorporating mobile technologies, including:

  • Serving customers at any point on the shop floor, including taking payments
  • Shortening queue lengths by processing payments while customers wait in line
  • Equipping staff with easy access to information, to quickly answer shopper queries
  • Linking sales associates with back-end data such as inventory lookup
  • Enabling customers to build their own digital journey through self-service kiosks
  • Integrating customer service with loyalty management applications to personalize offers and reward shoppers

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