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Microsoft Dynamics NAV is an integrated, adaptable business management solution that helps midsize retailers execute business decisions with greater confidence. As a leading ERP in Mid-Market, Microsoft Dynamics NAV has been successfully automating and streamlining business processes and connecting enterprise with global customers.

Well suited for midsized retail businesses iVend Retail management suite integrated with Microsoft Dynamics NAV can help retailers adopt omnichannel capabilities with ease. The seamless integration between iVend Retail and Microsoft Dynamics Navision improvises end-to-end retail management with minimal manual intervention and streamlined retail functioning. Retailers can deliver great shopping experience, with an enterprise ready omnichannel solution that is more mobile, more digital and global.

iVend Retail integrates with Microsoft Dynamics NAV using iVend Retail’s APIs. The entire landscape is designed to utilize the best practices inbuilt in the Microsoft for enterprise processes and extend them via iVend Retail to the retailer’s entire retail business.

iVend Retail is configured with Microsoft Dynamics NAV at the central location – typically the Head Office. The retail operations are connected to iVend Enterprise – the central Head Office component of iVend Retail. The stores connect to iVend Enterprise over an Internet connection. The application is so designed that even if the Internet connectivity between the store and the Head Office breaks, the stores will continue to carry out transactions. This is brought about by the failsafe replication of data across all stores.

  • iVend Retail enables to maximize sales potential by implementing fully integrated sales growth programs across all sales channels.
  • iVend Retail helps executives and managers get a better focus on the business through easy to use and contextual dashboards and management information.
  • iVend Retail allows to achieve sales objectives with a lower stock to sales ratio and to focus inventory where it is most needed.
  • Promotional management functionality and customer loyalty programs help boost sales.
  • iVend Retail allows to run a single stock pool across all sales channels which allows to reduce stock holding and improve stock turns

iVend and Navision Integration

Microsoft Dynamics Navision Version & Localization:

Navision Version :Microsoft Dynamics

Navision 2013 R2 (7.10.36366)

Navision 2016 (9.00.42815)

Supported Country
W1 English (US)
Australia English (Australia)
Canada English (Canada) / French (Canada)
France French (France)
Italy Italian (Italy)
Mexico Spanish (Mexico)
Spain Spanish (Spain)
United Kingdom English (UK)
United States English (US)
Deployment Landscape:

NAV Deployment Landscape

Integrated Masters in Microsoft Dynamics NAV:


Shipping Agent

Item Charge




Item Cross Reference




Item Substitution

Microsoft Dynamics NAV to iVend Retail


Tax Posting Setup

Production BOM

BOM Component


Currency Exchange Rate

Unit of Measure

Item Unit of Measure

Customer Price Group

Customer Discount Group

Item Discount Group

Sales Price

Purchase Price

Sales Line Discount

iVend Retail to Microsoft Dynamics NAV

iVend Retail Tender

iVend screens in Microsoft Dynamics NAV:

Retail Setting

Retail Initialization

Retail Tender (Global)

Retail Tender (Location)

Till Variance Log

UDF Integration

Alert Setup

iVend Setup Wizard

Email Configuration Setup

Integrated Transactions and Scenarios in Microsoft Dynamics NAV

POS Transactions


Special Order

Sales Order Fulfillment

Sale with Delivery Fulfillment

Sale Refund


Gift Certificates

Inventory Transactions


Purchase Order

Goods Receipt Purchase Order

Goods Return

Goods Issue

Goods Receipt

Stock Transfer Request

Stock Transfer Shipment/Receipt

KIT Build/Break

Integration Extensibility

Custom property integration

Custom object integration


Browser interface included

Priority Based Integration

Periodic Transactions

Till Variance

Expense Posting


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