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Put data at the heart of your business decisions

Enterprise retail management is not a luxury, nor is it a nice-to-have. It is a necessity in the era of omnichannel retail for business owners operating across geographies, cultures and governing authorities. The inherent challenges that arise from store expansions, additions of product lines or brands can quickly get out of control without a solid solution in place that can handle the rigors of an enterprise.

As the central application controlling master data, iVend Enterprise gives retailers the tools to be successful in retail while maintaining data integrity, security, and control regardless of business size. Think of it as the center of your retail ecosystem, the data hub of all of your systems that serves as the central repository for all of your data. Siloed data kills productivity, operational efficiency and, more importantly, profitability making it a vital component of a successful retail strategy.

An Integrated Omnichannel Retail Solution

Chart showing how iVend Enterprise retail software supports the retail ecosystem: iVend POS, iVend Mobile, iVend eCommerce, iVend Loyalty, iVend Passes, iVend Reporting & Analytics

iVend Enterprise is the connector for operational efficiency for the full iVend Retail software suite. The modules are designed to work flawlessly together. iVend Enterprise gives store owners the resources to manage operations on an enterprise level from the head office – including sales forecasting, replenishment planning, promotions, gift cards, loyalty schemes and more – and replicates information across the entire retail estate. It also collates transactions, such as sales, refunds, returns and store credits, to provide essential insights – particularly in two key areas:

Single Stock Pool

  • One view of stock availability and location for reduced inventory costs and increased customer satisfaction
  • Replenishment recommendations based on core metrics
  • Statistical forecasting based on industry best practice
  • Sophisticated price management and promotions engine

Retail employee reviewing store inventory

Customer shopping on mobile phone

Connected Customer Experiences

  • Enterprise-wide loyalty programs that allow customer segmentation
  • Supports digital loyalty scheme passes across all channels
  • Assisted selling services in all channels – which can easily add 5% to sales values
  • Cross-channel visibility of all customer incentives to both staff and consumers

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Why iVend Enterprise

Maximize Sales Potential

Don’t limit sales opportunities by sticking to one channel. Give customers every potential opportunity to purchase products, regardless of where inventory is physically warehoused with multiple sales channels.

Better Enterprise-Wide Insights

Centralized data storage in iVend Enterprise gives retailers near real-time access to sales, labor and inventory levels for strategic decision making.

Single Stock Pool

iVend Enterprise takes the guesswork and manual processes out of inventory management to provide you with a single stock pool for fulfillment.

Superior Customer Experience

There is one way to ensure a consistent customer experience across stores and channels and that is with iVend Enterprise.


iVend Enterprise gives you unlimited flexibility with extensibility to enhance and extend business logic on any of our applications.

System Integrations

The most valued benefit of the iVend Enterprise is its ability to integrate with nearly any application and every ERP through our APIs.


iVend Enterprise Benefits

iVend Enterprise Features

Powerful Enterprise Technology

Operations Management

Native features bring better and effective operations management including automatic updates, universal product management, and theft prevention features.

Data Management

Master data management on everything from prices to promotions and real-time data replication for visibility across the entire network.

Inventory Management

Maintain a real-time, single stock pool for management efficiency, confident fulfillment, and efficient replenishment.

How iVend Enterprise Works

To become a retailer of the future and to build the best retail ecosystem possible, iVend Enterprise works behind the scenes to eliminate manual syncs, outdated processes, and operational inefficiencies.

How can iVend Retail help?
Enterprise-class software like iVend Retail is stable, scalable, intuitive, integrated and secure. It works together with our entire enterprise retail management suite for unparalleled visibility into your entire business.

Retailer making ideas fit together.

Diagram of ERP solutions that integrate with iVend Enterprise.

Trusted Integrations

For enterprise-class retailers iVend Enterprise integrates easily with any standard business management, merchandise or ERP solution using iVend APIs, which, with the rest of iVend Retail, makes a fully comprehensive omnichannel solution.

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