How are you going to do your Christmas shopping this year?

If you are anything like me, Christmas shopping is often a last minute affair with mad dashes to the local shopping centre. It doesn’t need to be that way anymore!

Our omnichannel retailing environment is giving us more convenient and efficient ways of reaching the same shopping outcome.

We can research purchases online and visit stores to purchase. But how about purchasing online and pickup instore?

Sounds simple but let’s take a closer look.

Firstly, such a service is very convenient. You can pay for the products knowing that it is yours, ensuring that you are not wasting your efforts when visiting the store to find out they may have sold out.

There are no queues online so the act of purchasing the products is quick plus you can save on shipping costs when picking up instore. This is a great advantage if the goods purchased are bulky.

With most online purchases, it is always a bit of a guess as to when your parcel will be delivered. If delivered whilst away you have the dreaded, always out of the way, trip to the local post office to pick up your goods.

Being able to pick up your goods instore means you can coordinate your online shopping with your store pickup at a convenient time.

The omnichannel retailing environment gives you the ability to efficiently complete your Christmas shopping leaving you plenty of time to enjoy all the festivities.

This wonderful opportunity to provide your customers with shopping choice is a reality. All it takes is the right retail technology solution, such as iVend, to manage the process.

Not only will you need to be able to process the sale via your online store but manage the stock movements from the store that the customer wishes to pickup from. When the customer arrives at the store, staff must be able to identify the purchase and ensure the goods are ready to pickup.

Your customer’s experience is seamless between online and instore and you now have an opportunity to create a great competitive advantage thanks to the iVend retail solution functionality that brings retail dreams to life.

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