Staying ahead of the competition in 2015 means finding new ways to connect with customers – and technology is a powerful asset in this challenge.

The number of global smartphone users will surpass 2 million next year, according to eMarketer, yet not enough retail and hospitality businesses are using mobile devices to engage consumers.

Mobile POS solutions enable businesses to extend your reach and streamline your sales operations in an environment where space is limited. There are multiple ways that embracing this technology can improve your productivity and profitability, such as:

  1. Cost-effectively increasing functionality
    Compared with traditional enterprise POS systems, mobile POS devices are a cost-effective way to improve merchant/customer encounters. A mobile device, POS printer and an app is all you need to get started.
  2. Speeding up the checkout process
    With mobile POS, customers can ‘skip the queue’ and complete transactions right from the sales floor, or at their table. In turn, streamlining the checkout process will enable your business to increase transaction turnover.
  3. Improving customer service
    In a retail setting, mobile POS improves the accuracy of order entries, allowing sales associates to focus more on the customer than the transaction. In a restaurant setting, staff can send order tickets to a kitchen printer straight from their mobile device to speed up preparation times. More attentive customer service can also increase basket sizes or tips.
  4. Expanding your selling capabilities
    With mobile POS devices and printers, transactions can be completed anywhere with a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection. This creates the potential to expand your selling capabilities into outdoor areas and remote venues, increasing your customer reach. Maximising the potential of mobile POS means, firstly, identifying your business objectives. Understanding the strengths, weaknesses and challenges of your current system will help you determine the amount of flexibility your solution requires.It’s not just the devices and supporting software that need careful consideration; mobile POS printers are a vital piece of technology to complete the customer experience – and therefore you will need to determine which printer type fits your goals.Retailers and hospitality vendors can choose to use mobile handheld devices connected to either stationary printers or portable printers. Depending on each printer’s design and connectivity, their functionality and mobility varies.A value-added reseller can provide you with printer options that will seamlessly integrate with your new mobile POS system, and allow the mobility needed to bolster your business.From connectivity to portability, they will advise on every aspect of the selection and implementation process, and provide the necessary support to train your staff to use the new technology; ensuring your business receives maximum return on investment


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