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How does Terminal POS work


iVend POS is your Point Of Service where your customers get to experience the exceptional service that a Retail System can offer to them.


iVend POS license is based per POS terminal/ device and not per user. Each device can be configured to be operated by unlimited users giving a true multi-user usability platform. This means, you only pay for the software per device and not for number of cashiers working for your retail chain. You may have 12-15 users at one store running 5 POS terminals; so you pay for only 5 POS software. Sounds good! iVend POS comes in two flavors.

Terminal POS

Is the traditional Windows based till based POS having cash drawer, pole display, magnetic swipe readers, etc. Terminal POS is still by far the most popular POS, even though there are other forms of POS available and fast gaining popularity.


iVend POS integrates into iVend Store component of iVend Retail over a LAN connection. iVend POS is so designed that it takes the Retail Profile attached to each cashier. This is done by attaching specific roles and security policies to individual cashiers and not to the physical POS.

The POS is so designed that multiple transaction types (Sale, Refund, Exchange, etc.) can be carried out in the same transaction negating the need to create different transactions.

The POS has the capability to look up stock of a particular item across the store chain

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