Date: December 03, 2019
Presenter: Paula Da Silva, EVP Global Partnerships & Alliances, CitiXsys
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As Gen Z begins to flex their buying power, we’re all jumping to adapt to ever-shifting preferences that are predominately digital and proving to be polar opposite to the shopping habits of the other end of the generation spectrum, the Baby Boomers. With their purchasing potential estimated to be between US$29 and $143 billion, how can retailers get a piece of this multi-billion-dollar pie? Traditional methods are no longer enough. Television advertising is antiquated and mediocre shopping experiences have become lethal to a brand. It’s not enough just to be omnichannel for this generation, it has to be integrated and it has to be done well.

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  • Who is Gen Z anyway?
  • Generational shopping trends
  • How to reach Gen Z?
  • Building an Omnichannel Ecosystem


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