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Meet iVend Retail experts at the CitiXsys booth to learn more about the integrated omnichannel retail management solution designed for delivering exceptional customer experiences across all sales channels.
Masterclass Presentation:  Piecing Together the Omnichannel Puzzle: Shopping Trends and Stats

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Stable, Secure and Integrated enterprise class applications

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eCommerce Africa Confex 2019

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Enhanced Shopper Experience

Attract, Engage and Convert customers with an enhanced and personalized shopping experience

Online/Offline POS

Stay connected to the store to process transactions from the shop floor or beyond, anywhere, anytime

Omnichannel Retailing

Integrated touch points extend a consistent shopping experience across all channels

Cape Town, South Africa
19 - 20 March 2019
Cape Town International Convention Centre

eCommerce Africa Confex 2019

Jan Jansen van Vuuren
Presentor: CitiXsys Regional Director, Jan Jansen van Vuuren, will be presenting on eCommerce and Omnichannel retail excellence at this Masterclass sessions during the Confex.

Date & Time: 19 March 2019 I 11:00 AM SAST

eCommerce Africa Confex 2019

With the acceptance of eCommerce, retail is the most sought-after vertical in Africa. And what African retailers need is an integrated omnichannel retail management software that addresses all requirements of a growing retail chain. It’s not enough to have an eCommerce and mCommerce solution in place, the pieces have to fit together with the rest of retail operations.  

Today’s shopper wants a single shopping experience across all channels. An experience that can only be achieved through intentional integration of all your systems, from online and in-store sales to marketing and loyalty programs. Visit our booth to learn more about how iVend Retail can help you address all requirements of your growing retail chain.