With the acceptance of eCommerce, retail is the most sought-after vertical in Africa. And what African retailers need is an integrated omnichannel retail management software that addresses all requirements of a growing retail chain.  Visitors at the CitiXsys booth will get to experience the omnichannel capabilities of a suite of retail applications and how it can power everyday retailing.

After registering for the event, you will also be eligible to download iVend Retail’s latest infographic ‘eCommerce – The Next Big Thing’.

CitiXsys Arabia’s Consulting Manager Keith Morrison will be helming two presentations on Omnichannel and Loyalty during the Confex.

eCommerce’s role in the Omnichannel Environment

13:15 pm, 17th February, 2016

  • From brick-and-mortar to eCommerce
  • How Stores handle eCommerce up till now
  • Omnichannel synergy

Growing Customer Loyalty in a Digital World

11:45 am, 18th February, 2016

  • Loyalty: Analog Vs Digital
  • Connecting eCommerce and the Store
  • Digital Passes
  • Unified omnichannel suite

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