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Store. Click-and-collect. eStore. Pop-up Retail. With each channel having its own stock-pool, you invest a large part of your capital on maintaining inventory, yet suffer stock-outs at the same time. The single stock pool solves this dilemma with one source servicing all retail channels.

Distributing inventory for all channels from the same warehouse allows you to maintain minimum merchandise and have fewer stock-outs. This will lead to more savings and easier fulfilment by virtue of real-time view of all the stock held by the enterprise.

This whitepaper delves into the concept of the single stock pool, the support system required to run, specific business processes altered and how you can take advantage of such a concept.

iVend Retail provides enhanced merchandise management with a holistic view of retail stock and its movement across all channels. With real-time visibility of merchandise, your single stock pool also helps you to provide consistently great customer service, regardless of channel preference. Whether it is building stocks for special events, holding clearance sales, or weekly promotions, the single stock pool handles all.

As the retail industry develops, it is recognising that the most efficient form of operation is to service all channels from a single stock pool. Download iVend Retail’s whitepaper ‘Moving To a Single Stock Pool for All Channels’.

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