How ‘healthy’ is your retail business?

The retail ‘health check’ provides the business owner with peace of mind by identifying key issues and inadequacies within their retail business’ systems.

A retail ‘health check’ is designed to answer the following questions for the business and business owner:

  • Is your business structure optimal, taking into account your business goals?
  • Is your investment/asset-holding structure appropriate?
  • Is your business profitable and how does it measure against other businesses in the same retail sector?
  • Are you running your business efficiently?
  • Is your management of your systems effective?

Why should a business bother with a Health Check?

  • Are areas of your business exposed that could lead to risks of failure?
  • Are you part of the new retail age? – Do you have effective eCommerce and mobility solutions?
  • Omni-channel is the emerging distinctive and divergent retail experience – Are you equipped to meet the demands of your customers?
  • Are you stuck in the old days – Are you able to adapt to change?
  • Retailing today is challenging but it is also intriguing and electrifying – Do you have the right support mechanisms and software systems in place to meet these challenges head on?
  • Ensuring you invest in a sophisticated retail management suite will ensure you transition into the new retail age with confidence and fortitude.

CitiXsys has the skills and the knowledge to add professional management to the team of people supporting you. The balanced score card approach reviews core functions of your business machine.

The current status of your business structure

Know the effectiveness of your management system

Is your business profitable & how does it measure against other business in the same retail sector?

Know how appropriate is your investment & asset-holding structure

The Retail Business System Health Check will include:

  • Establishing an understanding of your current software environment together with the associated costs to the business
  • High level – front to back overview of given business process scenarios
  • Identification of potential areas for Business Process Automation
  • Identification of potential areas for system integration
  • Identification of potential key decision points in the business process and how they are actioned
  • Identification of potential for other areas to reduce manual intervention or costly administration

Scope of the offering

  • Your user’s interaction with your systems
  • Your user’s ability and knowledge to get the most out of your systems
  • Your business processes and workflows
  • We Rate the overall appropriate utilization of your retail software

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