Virgin Mobile KSA


Virgin Mobile KSA

With iVend Retail’s intuitive Point of Sale interface, Virgin Mobile retail customers experience faster check-outs. With in-built promotions setup engine, the retailer can execute marketing and sales campaigns within iVend Retail

We were looking for a retail system with end-to-end management capabilities to efficiently run our store operations. iVend Retail addressed our needs perfectly. The Promotions tools in iVend Retail are exactly what Virgin Mobile Store needs. Now, all retail processes in our stores are integrated seamlessly.

Russel Bacha, Information Technology Manager, Virgin Mobile KSA

Headquarters: Saudi Arabia
Industry: Telecommunications
Solution: iVend Retail Integrated with SAP IS Retail


Virgin Mobile store is a global leader in Mobile services with a store network spread throughout the Middle East. Since its establishment in the UAE in 2000, Virgin Mobile store’s set an unbounded target of expanding its Middle East territories with their postpaid and prepaid mobile services to fulfill to growing trends that are eminent for the region. Virgin Mobile is a customer service oriented company with an inspired goal — to make customers happy, one phone and plan at a time.


  • Existing system did not have a promotion engine for executing marketing and sales campaigns
  • The Retailer’s legacy system did not provide visibility of merchandise across the retail chain
  • Delayed check-outs due to outdated POS system
  • Retailer was unable to sell combination offers, run promotions or reach out to customers
  • Intuitive point of sale interface helped in faster check-outs
  • Comprehensive merchandise visibility across the retail chain at all times
  • Improved decision-making process for effective retail management
  • Better understanding of customer buying preferences
  • Efficient accounting and financial reporting
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