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Integrated Store functions for efficient & effective Retail management

We have reduced time in management of our retail processes in a dramatic way. For instance the process of stock requisition from stores took 3 to 4 days with legacy system, with iVend Retail stock transfer requisition starts at the store, then stock transfer is created on SAP in less than a day. Data can be easily tracked. Before implementation of iVend Retail and Item Matrix, creation of items and its variations took hours, with iMatrix things are a lot easier to manage.

Joan Puig, Vice-President, Unitex Caribe

Headquarters: Dominican Republic, Caribe
Website: unitex.com.do
Industry: Apparel
Solution: iVend Retail Management Suite with SAP Business One
Business Partner: DT - Solutions


Oscar-Jacobson-storeUNITEX Caribe, S. A., Dominican Republic’s respected retailer of private label apparel, has grown its business with iVend Retail and SAP Business One. The company was incorporated in the year 2003 and began operations on January 9, 2004. UNITEX Caribe S. A., specializes in marketing and distribution of numerous high quality, branded apparel including the renowned Fruit of the Loom lines of inner apparels and active wear.

The company was found by brothers José Ramón and Juan Manuel Puig, and it has been over four decades that they have successfully run and expanded their traditional business of production of top-quality clothing apparel.

The company decided to begin their retail operations in January 2004, with their main office in the Santo Domingo metropolitan area, housing the administrative and sales divisions. UNITEX Caribe has carefully structured its operations and is fully functional to handle multi-market operations. Their distribution network spreads throughout the Caribbean, including: Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Haiti, Trinidad & Tobago, Grenada, Caiman Islands, Guadalupe, Barbados, San Martin, Curaçao, Martinique, The U.S. & British Islands as well as Dominica. With eyes focused on expanding across the continent, UNITEX group has set the ambitious targets of becoming the leading apparel retailer and plans to enter other potential markets in the near future.



In recent years, UNITEX Caribe has been accelerating its global expansion to meet their sales targets, establishing operations across Latin America.

A key issue that UNITEX faced was how to build the global business infrastructure essential to maintain and strengthen a unified culture and organization while pursuing consistent growth in the global market?

Prior to implementation of iVend Retail and SAP Business One, UNITEX Caribe S.A. used RMS POS which is a legacy point of sale solution and QuickBooks for inventory and finance management. Two disparate applications were being used to control inventory, sales and accounting.

The RMS Point of Sale system was customized to fit Unitex’s requirement, but the system had errors which led to severe inventory disorders, just to mention – replication and duplication of stock was one that occurred frequently.

Currently the company has two stores to manage and with trends created overnight, consumer preferences changing like the breeze, and assortments changing more often than the seasons, they needed a solution that integrates the inventory and point of sale with zero error.

UNITEX Caribe wanted to take advantage of the latest retail technology in order to offer its customers the most efficient and streamlined purchasing experience, with a focus on fast, effective, and efficient service to each customer. In addition, the company needed an Integrated solution that facilitates control on their stores across geographical locations.

Achievement of their fairly ambitious expansion plans was largely dependent upon the solution they chose. Their retail solution had to be scalable so that it scales up as the company grows. UNITEX Caribe S.A. understood the benefits of an automated and integrated front and back-office operations.

  • Easy-to-use solution that is scalable to accommodate future growth and demands
  • Enhanced data accuracy & synchronized visibility across stores
  • Increased speed and accuracy in processing transactions
  • Increased responsiveness to market demands
  • Supports Discounts & Promotions like gift certificates, gift cards, discounts etc
  • Integrated and unified system – fits into their SAP Business One infrastructure
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