Sportmex Leverages Retail 4.0 Best Practices to Deliver Exceptional Customer Experiences

iVend Retail offers us the possibility to do more business and make better decisions with predictive analytics. The system helps us look toward the future of our business with real-time data, rather than only rely on past performance.

Carlos Corral, CFO, Sportmex

Headquarters: Latin America
Industry: Premium sportswear brand
Solution: iVend Retail Management Suite – POS, iMatrix, Integrated with SAP Business One


Sportmex-StoreSportmex has been present in the Mexican market as a specialized premium sportwear brand retailer for the last 15 years. During this time, they have established leadership in the exclusive sector of international fashion brands sold in Mexico.

Sportmex owns 14 premium brand franchises distributed across Mexico. Its retail strategy is to sell both in department stores and owned outlets, as well as online with personalized home sales for VIP customers.


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  • Achieve data reliability at POS: Inventory, Payment Methods, Sales by Model, Size, Color (iMatrix)
  • Reverse customer dissatisfaction with slow in sales processes (collection, ticket issuance and billing)
  • Eliminate reliance on constant Internet connectivity and previous POS software limitations
  • Achieve multi-company integration and eliminate data silos, so information from each store could reside on the same databases and servers
  • End the loss of information due to the inability to integrate store systems and SAP Business One ERP
  • Eliminate inaccuracy in inventory information and replace manually controlled systems with real-time automated data sync
  • Have a customer database with appropriate segmentation and the ability to target promotions
  • Reverse employee discomfort due to missing uncredited inventory
  • Reduce store start-up time, including employee training process
  • Have the ability to integrate promotions
  • Provide customers with the ability to pay quickly and conveniently at points of sale, and even at home
  • Capacity to deliver a satisfying customer experience that drives deep loyalty
  • Ability to transact in offline mode
  • Integration to SAP Business One ERP
  • Access to Reports and dashboards, which provide strategic information for anticipating end-of-season planning and promotions
  • Efficient inventory management that supports a safe and controlled expansion
  • Local economic support by keeping clientele acquiring international high-end sportswear, within Mexico
  • Flexibility in modifications, whether adding a different brand, a new store or new company
  • Opening a new Point-of-Sale in as little as 5 hours, including the training of personnel
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